Another Chareidi Woman Under Threat in Jerusalem Race


voteAfter Racheli Evenbaum announced she was dropping out of the Jerusalem municipal elections amid threats she will be thrown out of her chareidi community, Masada Porath, who describes herself as chareidi, is also being threatened.

Porath is running under the new Ometz Lev (Courage) women’s list to advance women’s causes in the city. Unlike Evenbaum who ran on the Bayit Yehudi list, she is quoted telling Kikar Shabbat that she will not be intimidated and she does not plan to drop out of the race. She explains the new women’s list will advance women’s causes as well as “helping everyone to address religious and social issues”. She adds she is supported by a number of chareidi rabbonim but for now, she prefers to keep their names out of the media.

Heading the new list if Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Naomi Tzur and Councilwoman Edna Friedman.

Another woman, an Arab, was planning to run on the new women’s list too but she dropped out amid threats against her life.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. A hareidi named “Masada”? Hareidim don’t name their daughters after battles, especially ones that the zionists glorify. Remember the lineage of the hareidim runs through the Jews who courageously struggled to keep learning Torah, not those who threw their lives away in a hopeless war.

  2. #3 Masada is a mountain just like Sinai, a name used by Sefardim. You can choose a tree instead and be TAMAR, SHEKAKIA, or ILAN (Ilana or Ilanit). Or a warrior like SHIMSHON, YISHMAEL …. or a showing of strength eg UZI,(renowned weapon), KOCHI.

    Not liking the name has nothing to do with the post. Wish her luck and as a female she will build and enhance relationships in the Holy City.

  3. #3****** Maybe not battles but non-Jews… Alexander, Phoebus(Feivish… Roman Latin)… just 2 examples…..
    Your remark about Masada is sickening. It’s not GLORIFIED, it’s remembered. There’s no such thing as CHAREIDIM as used these days by the way, it’s a word that’s been plagiarized by those who want to show how frum they are. Long live Zionism… Hodu LaShem Ki Tov***

  4. Kol Hakavod, MASADA, MASADA Porath. Lots of mazal… and for crying out loud, don’t drop out, don’t let the lowlifes rule the day. You’re courageous and we need more like you.

  5. How can anyone claim to know what the chareidi community even stands for or wants when any chareidi that speaks out or tries making change gets threatened?

  6. Akuperma—-How about ESTHER = ISHTAR , Babylonian name for an avodah zara. Hebrew months= Names for some Babylonian avoda zaras… Not Zionist names at all.
    Or how about HINDY= Chicken, also not a Zionist name.
    Or RECHY, RECHEL = Mispronounced for Rachel, another non-Zionist name.. You know what Akuperma? Some seminal event or charismatic person in your life radicalized you. Have some rachmanut. Please don’t inflict your baseless, deluxe 100% venom on us day after day after day. …After day.

  7. Obviously something was lost in the translation here. A popular sefardi name is Mass’ouda (with an ‘ayin’) which may be inaccurately translated into Masada. Likely, considering that Porat is probably sefardi as well.