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Jerusalem is Losing her Jewish Majority

kosel.jpgAs Jerusalemites celebrate 60 years since the establishment of the state, many are looking ahead two decades; concerned the Jewish majority in the capital is dwindling.

According to some researchers, there is a steady trend, a decline in the number of Jews living in the Greater Jerusalem, warning in the coming years, the number of Jewish and Arab residents will be about 50/50. Another contributory factor is the high Arab birth rate.

According to Nir Barakat, who leads the right-wing opposition in Jerusalem City Hall, the city must remain united and maintain its Jewish character. There are those who feel Jerusalem should be divided into Jewish and Arab sectors to maintain the Jewish majority, fearing demographic predictions are ominous and the day is not too far off when Jerusalem will have its first Arab mayor.

One example of changing trends is the once-elite French Hill neighborhood, with its shopping center today serving residents of the nearby Arab village of Issawiya. An increasing number of Jews in French Hill no longer opt to sip their coffee in the community coffee shops, which they angrily state have been overrun by Arabs, adding the Jews on the other hand cannot enter the Arab area for fear of being attacked.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. While the Israeli government just can not do enough to show off how nicely they treat the Arabs, they have slowly been choking themselves to death under the smiling eyes f the Arabs. Even the Israeli youth is in love with the sweet, peaceful, innocent, downtrodden Muslims )who can’t wait to show what their “love” is really made of).

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