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IDF Drops Flyers In Syria Warning Against Collusion With Iran, Hezbollah

Israel’s IDF dropped flyers in the Syrian Golan Heights warning its armed forces to desist its affiliation with Iran and Hezbollah, Syrian media outlets reported on Wednesday.

“We will not allow anyone to disturb the stability here,” the IDF states in the flyers, stressing that it will “take action against Hezbollah and Iranian operatives at any time, as needed.”

The flyers specifically warn Syrians against attempts to place explosives on the Israeli border, in a reference to the discovery last week of three improvised explosive devices planted in Israeli territory along the border under the direction of Iran’s Quds

“Hezbollah and Iran, as we have seen in recent years, are using military sites, personnel and Syrian civilians to unwittingly implement their terrorist missions against the state of Israel,” the IDF wrote.

Earlier this week, Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan demanded that the UN Security Council take action to oust the Iranian presence in Syria and condemn attacks by its proxies against Israel from Syrian territory.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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