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Israel: Two Near-Fatal Drowning Incidents

A six-year-old girl was extricated from the Jordan River in critical condition following a near-fatal drowning incident on Shavuos. Dr. Yossi Marzel, director of pediatric intensive care in Ha’emek Hospital in Afula explains that when the girl was brought in, she was being resuscitated by paramedics and she remains in life-threatening condition in the intensive care unit.

Yehuda Nitzani, a Kinneret inspector, was the first to find the victim lying pulseless on the bank of the river with her parents appearing helpless in face of the realization that their daughter was dead. He began CPR and a paramedic until was summoned. The victim’s pulse returned en route to Ha’emek Hospital in response to advanced cardiac resuscitation measures, but her condition remains critical and unstable.

According to police, the preliminary investigation shows the girl entered the water with her mom, but at some point, slipped and found herself in deep water, well above her head.

In another near-drowning incident, a 4.5-year-old resident of Or Akiva went to a community pool in Zichron Yaakov. Apparently the child entered the water without his parents taking notice. At some point, a lifeguard spotted the child and pulled him out of the water. A physician on the scene began resuscitation and a paramedic unit responded.

Paramedic Padi Mahmed stated upon his arrival the child was in respiratory arrest. He and his partner stabilized the child and then transported him to Hillel Yafeh Hospital in Chadera.

Zichron Yaakov Police Chief Ofir Kantrovitz told the press that police may file charges of negligence against the parents. (Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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