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Ministerial PR Kit for Cabinet Ministers Traveling Abroad

Seeking to bolster Israel’s ability to combat Palestinian Authority and other anti-Israel propaganda, and to promote the positive side of Israel, the government will be distributing public relations kits to all cabinet ministers to assist them when traveling abroad.

The comprehensive kits will include aerial reconnaissance photographs, photos of Kassam rockets and their destructive damage, movies and maps, all to assist in explaining the situation while supporting government policy with the above mentioned visual aids.

The goal is to assist ministers in portraying Israel as not only correct and justified, but as an attractive place to live, hoping to drive the point home that there is more to the state than the narrow focus of the ongoing dispute with her neighbors.

Other than documenting Israel’s legitimate struggle against her hostile neighbors, there are materials to boast Israel’s medical, high-tech, scientific and other accomplishments.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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