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Political Drama: Saar Rejects PM’s Power-Share Deal, Bennett Gives Shaked Ultimatum

In a last-ditch attempt to prevent the formation of a left-wing government headed by Yair Lapid, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu offered New Hope chairman Gideon Sa’ar a deal in which he would serve as prime minister first in a 3-way rotation deal with Netanyahu and Bennett.

Bennett accepted the deal, saying that its fulfillment is dependent on Sa’ar. “Yamina is ready to join any right-wing government,” Yamina stated. “Netanyahu’s proposal for a Sa’ar-Netanyahu rotation is a solution to imbroglio.”

However, Sa’ar rejected the deal, writing it off as “political spin.”

“Our position and commitment was and continues to be to replace the Netanyahu government,” Sa’ar stated. “We will continue to act accordingly.”

On Sunday, the leaders of the right-wing parties signed an appeal to Sa’ar and Bennett to accept the deal, promising to be its guarantors. Netanyahu also invited Sa’ar and Bennett for a meeting to finalize a deal on the formation of a right-wing government.

Meanwhile, Channel 12 News reported that Bennett gave Yamina No 2 Ayelet Shaked an ultimatum, saying that if she or Netanyahu haven’t finalized a deal for the formation of a right-wing government by 10 p.m., he will sign a deal with Lapid, with or without her.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. Without Shakes Bennett/Lapid don’t have enough MKs to form a government.

    Netanyahu should resign as head of Likud and allow his replacement form a Likud led government.

  2. “In a last-ditch attempt to prevent the formation of a left-wing government headed by Yair Lapid, ”

    The proposed government would *not* be left-wing, and it would be headed, for the first 2 years, by Bennett. Of course it wouldn’t last 2 years; once it’s established and Netanyahu is out, more right-wingers are likely to join it, and a new right-wing coalition can be formed. If Likud finally dumps Netanyahu it can join such a coalition.

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