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UK: Students Physically Harass Teachers, Stick ‘Free Palestine’ Stickers In Their Hair

Jewish teachers in a London school are being verbally and physically harassed, and the school administration has offered no support, Jewish News reported.

A Jewish teacher who works in a non-Jewish school in north London tearfully told Jewish News about what she and the other Jewish teachers have been enduring.

“The whole school was full of Palestine flags, the pupils all began shouting ‘Free Palestine,” she said. “At the beginning, I thought they were just making a statement for all the teachers, but then I realized it was targeted to me and other teachers that are Jewish.”

The students then competed with each other to see who could stick the most “Free Palestine” stickers on their clothing and hair.

“They were trying to stick Free Palestine stickers in my hair, I broke into tears, I couldn’t take my class that morning,” she said.

The teacher, who didn’t want to be identified by name in fear that it would make the abuse worse, said that the school administration did not show any support regarding the harassment.

Another Jewish News report said that the NEU, a teacher’s union in the UK, emailed members urging them to participate in a pro-Palestinian demonstration and the leader of the union, Kevin Courtney, spoke at several pro-Palestinian protests. Additionally, the union did not issue any statements condemning anti-Semitism despite the multiple incidents nationwide in recent weeks.

The report said that at least 25 NEU members at JFS school in London quit the union due to its allegiance to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with additional Jewish teachers across the country resigning as well.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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