IT’S OFFICIAL: Naftali Bennett Has Replaced Benjamin Netanyahu As Prime Minister After 12 Years


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Israel’s parliament has narrowly voted in favor of a new coalition government, ending Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic 12-year rule.

Naftali Bennett, a former ally of Netanyahu turned bitter rival, becomes prime minister, presiding over a diverse and fragile coalition comprised of eight parties with deep ideological differences. Netanyahu remains head of the Likud party and will hold the post of opposition leader.

Netanyahu sat silently during the vote. After it was approved, he stood up to leave the chamber, before turning around and shaking Bennett’s hand. A dejected Netanyahu, wearing a black medical mask, then sat down in the opposition leader’s chair.

Sunday’s vote, passed by a 60-59 margin, ended a two-year cycle of political paralysis in which the country held four elections.

Minutes later, Bennett was sworn into office, followed by members of the new Cabinet.



  1. Rashi on today’s parsha:
    fastened:  פָּתִיל, meaning “fastened” in Hebrew. Similarly,“[With] divine bonds נִפְתַּלְתּי, I have been joined, with my sister”.

  2. The above what I quoted is about the naming of Naftali by Rochel. In Bereishis, Rashi said concerning the naming of Naftali: “divine bonds: Heb. נַפְתּוּלֵי אֱלֹהִים. Menachem ben Saruk (p. 147) classified it in the grouping of Num. 19:15,“a cover bound (פָּתִיל) .” With bonds from the Omnipresent, I have joined my sister to merit children. But I interpret it as an expression of“perverse and crooked (וּפְתַלְתֹּל).” (Deut. 32:5). I have stubbornly pleaded many tortuous pleas to the Omnipresent to be equal to my sister.”

  3. 60-59 is hardly a mandate! The country is so split and in shambles: if the only way the majority can win is with 8 joined parties including a arab party, that doesn’t quite sound like a mandate to me. Whatever, Bibi is gone and the country is splintered – badly so.

  4. I have watched the session of the Knesset. Its really typicaly Israel.The behavior of elected Knesset member
    how where talking shouting interrupting etc. is not common in any democratic country.that only can be in Israel Now respect of each other lying etc. and when you win with 1 voice more this is not a victory at all.When i also saw how member of the Yemina party spoke and lied I thought myself as a big zionist how glad i am im not lliving
    in Israel. No manners no din and now dayan.A country that hates religious jews that thinks they are the best in the world. You can see this also in the behavior of a lot of Israelis out side Israel they think the whole world belongs to them.They loud shouting and have no manners exactly like in the knesset.I will niot give a penny anymore for the state of Israel that calls themself a Jewish state?

  5. It won’t last long and we will be going to the voting poles again.
    This coalition is filled with hate for each other and the every day G-D fearing citizen.
    This new government is going to do what Biden and his clowns did to all of Thrumps changes and improvements.
    I am deathly afraid that we are going to see the end of our Jewish state.

  6. This is far from the government I had hoped for but I wish it, and PM Bennett, much hatzlacha for the benefit of the State of Israel and of Am Yisrael.