EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lakewood Hatzolah Rescues 100 People Stranded In Flood Waters


YW-Lkwd Floods 08-002.jpg(VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS AT END OF ARTICLE) 5:30PM EST: Numerous Hatzolah ambulances were rushed to Lakewood’s 9th annual Bnos Yaakov Child Health and Safety Fair a few moments ago – to rescue dozens of families who got stranded in a major storm which swept through the area.

As YWN had predicted earlier, severe storms are moving through the Tri-State area bringing many inches of rain, high winds, hail, and dangerous lightening.

The storm which only lasted 30 minutes drenched Lakewood in enough rain – to leave cars literally “floating” on street corners.

When the storm started, there were a few hundred folks still at the annual safety fair – which is attended by thousands of people each year. The fair includes displays and safety instruction by the NJ State Police, Lakewood FD, Lakewood Hatzolah, US Army, Lakewood Hatzolah extrication drill, and many other exciting, and informative booths.

Lakewood Hatzolah received many phone calls from people needing to be evacuated from the fair-grounds – located at the Clifton Avenue Grade School field, on Clifton Avenue, between Seventh and Eighth Streets.

Hatzolah dispatched four ambulances and more than a dozen private response vehicles to the fair grounds, Additionally, Lakewood Chaverim were extremely helpful, and Negba bus company quickly dispatched 2 school-buses.

When the fiasco was over, more than 100 people were successfully evacuated without any injuries reported.

Lakewood Chaverim were also dispatched to numerous other locations to assist many cars stuck in rising flood waters.

As YWN is ready to post this story, we have received word from Chaverim that there are 30 children swimming in four feet of water at the corner of Squankum Road and Lawrence Avenue.

YWN reminds all readers: Never attempt to drive through an area which is covered in flood waters.

YWN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS: Click HERE for video, and click HERE for photos.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN Lakewood News Desk / YW-41 / YW-50 / YW-456 / Video & photos – YW-41)


  1. Dear YWN
    I was scared and shaken by your report.
    That’s untill I saw the pictures. The kids were just having fun in the water. No danger.
    I feel your report was sensationalized and without achrayos.
    Please be more careful, as I rely on your reporting.

  2. ‘As YWN had predicted earlier’

    With all due respect, maybe you should write ‘As YWN had reported the predictions from the National Weather Service…’

  3. No danger? Children should never be allowed to play in flood water. Massive currents exist near drains in even modest floods such as this one. Anytime the storm sewers are overwhelmed, there is also the very real possibility of disease and bacteria. If your child was playing in the flood, call your pediatrician and inquire about updating their tetanus booster.