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Army Recommends a Response to Every Kassam Attack

iaf1.jpgAn internal document from the IDF’s Planning Branch calls for a limited military response to every Kassam rocket attack during the so-called ceasefire.

While to date Israel has refrained from responding militarily to such attacks, which would be viewed as an Israeli violation, senior military officials believe a military strike is warranted.

To date, the decision was made to close border crossings in response to attacks in the hope the economic sanctions would turn the Gaza population against terrorists responsible for the renewed closure of border crossings.

Since the ceasefire, at least seven Kassam rockets were fired in addition to five mortar shells.

The internal military document points out that prior to the ceasefire, Israel pointed out that it views Hamas responsible for every attack, and therefore, a limited focused military response to every rocket attack is warranted officials report.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. How about tying Olmert to a tree in Sderot? That should elicit a response from him other than smiling for the cameras!

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