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RARE MEETING: Mea Shearim Rebbe With Leading Dati Leumi Rav

The Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe, who was released from Hadassah Hospital last week, visited senior Dati Leumi Rav Chaim Druckman who remains hospitalized in the same internal ward where the Rebbe was treated, prior to leaving the hospital.

HaRav Moshe Klein, the Rav of Hadassah, arranged the meeting and a photo of the meeting was publicized by B’Sheva reporter Dvir Amar.

The conversation between the two Rabbanim, which took place in Yiddish, focused on the Vizhnitzer chassidus. HaRav Druckman told the Rebbe that he came to Israel on the same boat with the ” Damesek Eliezer” of Vizhnitz, z’tl, in 1944.

Rav Druckman was born in Kuty, Poland (today in Ukraine) in 1932. Following the Nazi occupation of Poland, he and his parents managed to survive in a hideout. In 1942, the family fled to Chernivtsi, then under Romanian rule, where they stayed for a year. His parents then allowed a childless Jewish couple who obtained certificates to Eretz Yisrael to adopt him and they brought him to Israel in 1944. His parents joined him in Israel after the war.

The public is asked to daven for the refuah of HaRav Chaim Meir ben Milka b’toch sha’ar cholei Yisrael.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. wow two very different views from Loshenhora and 147. Would love to hear what the 2 rabbonim would make of your pithy sarcastic comment 147???

  2. Individuals can have serious differences of opinion, disagree strongly, and still speak nicely and respectfully to each other.

    The message (especially for those who comment on this site ) is not that we should dissolve all differences of opinion. That’s unrealistic and foolish. It’s not what achdus means, anyways.

    The message is that differences of opinion don’t mean using denigrating and derisive speech and tone. It mean that we have more in common than our differences. Even if I feel strongly that you are making tremendous and dangerous errors. Radical concept today…..

  3. This isn’t all that rare an occurrence. Among the big rabbanim, there is ongoing collaboration and discussion on a wide range of topics.

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