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Israel Police: “Our Assumption Is That Moishe Is Alive”

Moishe’s parents and siblings went to Meron on Wednesday, 102 days after Moishe’s disappearance to daven at the kever of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai. Afterward, the Kleinermans met with the members of the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) team who are searching for Moishe.

The head of the Israel Dog Unit, Mike Ben-Yaakov, spoke to the Kleinermans about the ongoing search for their son.

Earlier on Wednesday, Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai held a situational assessment on Moishe’s case at the Ma’ale Adumim precinct. “We won’t give up until we learn what happened to Moishe and where he is,” he said. “Israel Police, as in any case of a missing person, certainly one who is at risk, is investing much resources in trying to locate him.”

“This is a complex investigation. Despite the fact that he was last seen in the Meron area, we’re not ruling out any location throughout the country where he could be found. Our investigation is examining various angles and we’re working on the assumption that Moishe is alive.”

On Monday, the police released a suspect who was arrested last week.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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