HIGH ALERT: Israel Police Bolster Forces, Especially In Chareidi Areas

Illustrative. Israeli policemen secure a shooting attack site in Ir Dovid, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

After Israel’s alert level rose to the highest level following the wave of terror attacks over the weekend, Israel Police is deploying additional forces across the country, especially in Chareidi areas.

The focus on areas is due to the lessons learned in the wake of the terror wave last spring, when Chareidi areas such as Bnei Brak and Elad suffered murderous terror attacks.

“We understand that Chareidi areas are more sensitive,” Superintendent Sigal Bar-Tzvi, head of Israel Police’s Operations Department, told B’Chadrei Chareidim on Sunday in response to an inquiry on the matter. “We sent forces to Chareidi areas as part of the preparations.”

Earlier on Sunday, Bar-Tzvi told reporters: “We raised the level of alertness and deployed overt and covert forces throughout the country to thwart terrorist incidents and provide a sense of security.”

“We recognize signs that we encountered both a year ago and prior to Operation Guardian of the Walls – an escalation of the severity of attacks.”

The IDF is assisting the police by deploying two additional infantry companies, one in the Jerusalem area and the other in the Shomron.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Good, hopefully they will learn a lesson or 2 from the chareidy lifestyle, and change their outlook towards torah and mitzvos and the chareidim.

  2. Only on Torah Jews
    The mistake of aguda saying that if they make a party it will be to keep shabbat and kosher family
    And now for sure their is shabbat in the country more then when their wasn’t the aguda maybe shabbat buses
    And this made not only anti tora parties but the entire not likud party anti Torah
    And now you have the bies mikdash for the Zionist that cared for a cow a great agudist warned against voting for and so you have Arabs outside the shul
    Then you have the Israel army many sthank protecting use again and the Arabs will come into the shul because the gun wasn’t there
    Once an Arab came with a knife and now it’s with a gun, once he ran after he was finished but now he is finished before he will run
    All is about the Torah Jews
    They use them to discrimination on Arabs, taking away there family rights will bring them money from the uae for their expenses
    The Zionist state is only to destroy Torah and that is all they can think of and all they can do and the only thingthey will do is destroy the Torah
    All that is happening them saying you did not have a gun next to the sefer torah now you need one also to discrimination of the Arab people
    Arabs are the majority of people that have the same human blood rights as anyone in the Jewish Bible religion and they can have true faith in the one God and have beuty taste
    In America many of the young commit suicide because they feel like their life is not worth living that is how the only care about themselves knesset would act if they was in the Gaza
    If they was the Palestinian they would put up satilites with microwave and x-ray lasers and say they are the kadosh with kosher
    All that will and can ever happen with the Zionist state no matter what and with all tears and toil is the destruction of the Torah with lust

  3. The prior government of Israel did little to protect the religious community. The new government has it as a priority and the religious community must demand action if the government falls short.

  4. Do the terrorists truly distinguish between yidden based on whether or not they are shomrei torah umitzvos or is this political theater to appeal to the religious parties. If they have intelligence confirming that Chareidi neighborhoods and mosdos are being targeted than clearly this is the correct deployment of security forces.

  5. Remember that it’s not what the Arabs think or who they target, or even what the government and the “security” forces think or how they prepare, it’s what Hashem thinks and what messages He’s trying to get across to us. I’m not sure what that means, what are His thoughts and messages, but I know that it’s all just from Him. If the “security” forces are focusing on us, maybe that means we should be saying more Tehillim and doing more teshuva. I’ve thought of putting up posters saying that the only thing that can reduce the risk of attacks is if every Jew in the country were to saying five Tehillim a day. One leading expert in Arab affairs once said that the only thing that would deter a potential lone terrorist – not the threat of having his parents’ house torn down or his family exiled or otherwise punished – just the threat that the women in his family would be violated. Not that he advocated doing anything illegal or immoral, just to make the point that no other threat would deter a potential lone terrorist. We have no one to look to but our Father in Heaven, only He can protect us and the more Jews wake up out of their sleep and realize that, that’s the only thing that can stop the wave of terrorism.

  6. hadorah, i believe it could be because Chareidi Jews tend to look much more outwardly Jewish so they are a more obvious target. they are also less likely to be armed

  7. Schmendrick,

    You certainly don’t care but many readers of this site have relatives and friends in Neve Yaakov.

    Since you’re so brave, may you encounter a “boogyman” terrorist and not be able to count on anyone for your safety. May what’s left of you be hosed down a gutter.

  8. No, trust me, I get it, there are plenty of people involved in the regime that defend the fake terrorism incidents that make latent threats about being hosed down a gutter and stuff to those who risk exposing that the regime fakes this stuff. I don’t have friends in Neve Yaakov, but I have seen with my own eyes evidence that they have faked previous incidents, so I distrust all alleged incidents, especially when I cannot find a reliable first-hand witness, you know? You wouldn’t acknowledge that you know what I’m talking about because you threaten people like me to stay quiet…

  9. Schmendrick,

    By all means, don’t stay quiet. When worthless scum like you and jayD deny the suffering of other Jews due to your insane politics, you only bring Hashem’s harsh judgement down upon yourselves. So please, keep it up!