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Noam Chairman Avi Maoz Resigns From His Position In The Government

Noam chairman Avi Maoz sent a letter on Monday evening to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in which he announced that he is resigning from his position in the government as deputy minister.

Maoz will remain in the coalition as an MK but is resigning due to his “shock” that the conditions of his coalition deal with the Likud are not being honored, including the formation of a Jewish national identity authority and the revocation of laws established during the Lapid government that conflict with Jewish values.

Maoz wrote that he is resigning but: “I’ll continue b’ezrat Hashem as a partner in the coalition and support all the moves we agreed on together, including the all-important legislation to restore the balance between the legislative and judicial authorities, and more.”

“Throughout the generations, Am Yisrael knew to protect what was dearest to them – our identity as a Jewish people, protection of the holy things of Israel and respect for the supreme value of the family. With the formation of the government, I was happy to be a part of it, as reflected in the coalition agreement.”

“As you know, I have tried throughout the last two months, since the formation of the government, to act to implement the agreements between us, in cooperation with the other ministers, in order to revoke the regulations of the Lapid government in the Education, Welfare and Health Ministries, whose purpose is to change our foundational values as Am Yisrael and the Jewish family.

“I also tried together with my coalition members to have a new state position written on the Kotel for the Supreme Court, according to which the government would work to preserve the kedushah of the Kotel and stop the actions to divide it.

“Also, I tried to take action to return the words “father” and “mother” [instead of “Parent 1” and “Parent 2”] to the official forms of the government ministries, as we promised our voters and as was signed in the coalition agreement with us – but all these efforts have been unsuccessful.”

Maoz added: “I discovered that there is no serious intention to uphold the coalition agreement regarding the Jewish national identity authority. Therefore, I have decided to resign from the position of deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and fulfill my mission as a full member of the Knesset in the coalition.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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