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LIBERALISM BEFORE LIFE: MDA Refuses To Back Down As Blood Reserves Dip Dangerously Low

Magen David Adom’s insistence on replacing “father” and “mother” with “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” on blood donation forms is endangering lives, says Dr. Meir Preis, director of the Hematology Institute at the Carmel Medical Center, Arutz Sheva reported on Thursday.

Talmidim of Dati Leumi yeshivos, whose donations previously supplied almost half of MDA’s blood reserves, have been instructed by their Roshei Yeshivos to stop donating blood until the forms are altered to their original version with the words “father” and “mother.”

On Wednesday, Dr. Preis (the husband of Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of the public health department at the Health Ministry) warned that blood supplies are running dangerously low. “I’m begging anyone who can – pass on this message to everyone you know – please, come and donate blood,” he wrote on Twitter. “Our blood reserves are way beneath the red line. Please go and donate. There are patients who need blood urgently. We’re lacking thousands of units of blood.”

On Thursday, he wrote another post on Twitter: “Dear friends, I’m asking you all to set aside your beliefs and basic values for a moment. Forget about the forms – we’re lacking hundreds if not thousands of blood units. Last night, I had to decide whether to hold back blood for a life-saving operation, or give it to a patient hospitalized with COVID who was dangerously hemorrhaging. We’re talking about pikuach nefesh – life-and-death issues – literally. We can resume our dispute later – please.”

“We already told you a few months ago that we’re prepared to donate blood,” responded HaRav Amichai Eliyahu (son of HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu), head of the Association of Community Rabbis. “All you have to do is revert to using the original forms, and the very next day, we’ll be there to donate blood in large numbers. You know better than anyone that the ‘sub-humans’ we educate are the ones usually credited for donating at least 50% of your blood reserves. Stop trying to eradicate our values.”

Another social media user wrote, “Thousands of people who regularly donated until recently are simply waiting to be able to resume doing so. But if MDA ignores them and refuses to restore the ‘father’ and ‘mother’ boxes on the forms, then there’s only MDA to blame for the results.”

The Forum for the Family also responded: “MDA caved in to the progressive agenda, leading to a possible danger to lives. MDA’s director should draw the obvious conclusions and resign.”

The Fathers for Justice organization stated: “MDA chose to ignore us and degrade the status of normative parents, deleting the words ‘father’ and ‘mother’ and promoting this ridiculous agenda – and now they’re surprised at the fury of the silent majority. The public has spoken and this is just the beginning.”

“We won’t let you destroy the country and break down the values that unite us as a Jewish state.’

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

25 Responses

  1. I don’t understand Dr. Preis if I ignore my religious and basic values why should I donate?

    Why not get the people who agree with your values donate? Maybe they don’t have enough blood in their bodies?

  2. The light 💡 is coming out on all these EVIL liberals
    Liberalism is EVIL to the core, only now they are pushed to the wall and their TRUE COLORS are showing. one doesn’t have to have the insight of R’ Avigdor Miller Zt’l to see how Evil and destructive Liberalism and liberals are

  3. Makes no sense. For the blood donation they need to know the biological parents. Every human person on this earth has a biological mother and father. Parent 1 and Parent 2 makes it sound like there is a 1 and a 2.

  4. So let me get this straight… (pun intended)

    We drive on Shabbos to save lives, we carry phones and radios to potentially save lives, drop everything to save lives, but we are so triggered by a form that we will let people die?

    To be clear, i don’t like the form either, but I’m sorry, this is not adding up and is not how I think Hashem wants us to handle ourselves.

    Pikuach Nefesh is “doche” Shabbos, Kashrus, Tzniyus, and yes even moral outrage. Nobody is going to do more averios because of a form. Except maybe frum people that would boycott the blood bank and let someone die over it.

    The term Chasid Shoteh comes to mind.

  5. I think all the families with “parent 1” and “parent 2”, many of whom are likely compromised with Aids and STDs, should come donate blood.

    In spite of the obvious resultant pikuach nefesh situation, we ought to stand with the religious would-be blood donors to force the resignation of the morons who made this heretical decision.

  6. I am proud of these Jews standing up to this insanity in the very Land of Israel, G-d’s Land… and what are homosexuals to G-d? An ABOMINATION. Yet these so called Health Care Workers have given in to these Homo’s perversions. I would not donate any blood to them either until they changed the forms back to the purity of G-d’s Laws.

    As for the Gays and LGBTs in Israel they need to go somewhere else to live or they are going to be destroyed. Our G-d don’t play…. just look what HE did to other people in nations that committed the same Abominations. Beware, all of you who are playing with G-d’s Heart….. you will not go unpunished.


  7. I can’t believe the doctor said those words… set aside your beliefs and values for a moment. Nobody, ever, should set aside their beliefs and values for even a second. Our values define who we are as people. And if in this particular emergency they rolled up their sleeves and “set aside their values” what would happen after that moment. Would the blood banks suddenly find someone else willing to fill the bank next month?
    No, it would be no mere moment but a continued crisis and if no stand is made no changes will be made

  8. @2929 Pikuach Nefesh is not doche even a minor minhag if it’s intention is to go against and uproot the Torah. Better to die then let the Torah be uprooted. Or even better, let a different frum organization provide blood banks.

  9. When it comes to immorality like homosexuality we as Jews have to give up your lives. Unlike violating shabbos it’s permitted to violate shabbos where life is endangered.

  10. EDITOR: Please correct my typo and use this version:
    Mr 2929,
    The reason we are “doche” Shabbos for pikuah nefesh is because HaShem instructed us to do this in His Torah.
    The perversions which MDA is acknowledging constitute a Chillul HaShem, which is not “nidcha” for pikuah nefesh.

  11. 2929, The problem here is turning the paperwork into a political, anti Torah statement. Submitting to it is anathema to the Torah true Jew thereby preventing the ability to donating blood. It is clear that the Torah true Jew wants to participate in the act of saving lives. The how it is done, is no less important. The Torah teaches us ” Tzedek Tzedek tirdof”, the double wordage is unusual and meant to teach us that justice is also our goal but also a means. Doing the right thing in the wrong way is wrong.

  12. If Pikuach Nefesh is so important to MDA, and they are so concerned about the low blood levels, they should change the forms. So simple. Why are they trying to change anybody else? The ball is in their court…

  13. just for general knowledge MDA sells the blood (as in to receive a blood transfusion in Israel the insurance company pays for the blood) to which provides a very big part of there income
    therefore profiting from the donations
    this is possibly the main reason for complaining they’re losing money
    ezer mitzion, on the other hand, does not take money for blood gathered by them

  14. If there was a victim lying on the ground nobody would refuse to help him, with blood or otherwise, even if his behavior or morals went against their values. This is not an immediate pikuach nefesh but a protection. They’re not obligated to give blood they do it as a mitzvah.

  15. When I was to hospital release my mother a”h, I was requested to return the blood she was given. so i did just that and gave blood. MDA needs a Blood Transfusion…

  16. Weird, “Dear friends, I’m asking you all to set aside your beliefs and basic values for a moment” Ok, how ’bout practicing what you preach! You said it, not us!

  17. @2929: You are right, MDA should simply change the forms to save lives. There is no direct obligation on any specific individual to donate, there is however an obvious obligation on blood banks not to mess up their marketing to promote liberal values. If I can’t stand a needle in my arm, someone else will. If they announce that all blood donors must also perform a rain dance with face paint, it certainly goes without saying that it would not be a Pikuach Nifashos requirement to put on the face paint. And as far as an appeal, my appeal to MDA is “Dear friends, I’m asking you all to set aside your beliefs and basic values for a moment”. Make normal forms so that normal people will want to donate.

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