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WATCH SHOCKING INTERVIEW: Ex-PM Criminal Olmert Calls For World Leaders To Boycott Netanyahu

Left-wing protesters, including senior politicians, have crossed red lines in their protest against the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, including besmirching Israel to Western media outlets

But former prime minister (convicted criminal) Ehud Olmert managed to cross a red line that has yet to be crossed when he called on world leaders to boycott Netanyahu, in an interview with Channel 12 News.

Even the show host, not known for his right-wing views, was visibly shocked by Olmert’s words.

The former jail-sitting Olmert began by calling to turn to the international community, saying “every prime minister who categorizes himself as a friend of Israel needs to protest with all their might against the government of Israel. This [the Netanyahu] government is anti-Israel.”

Channel 12 News host: “One minute, I need to understand. You’re calling on world leaders, for example, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is currently meeting with Netanyahu in Berlin…

Olmert: Yes, to boycott the prime minister.

Channel 12 News host: To that degree!

Olmert: Definitely.

Channel 12 News host: But that’s not boycotting the prime minister, it’s boycotting the State of Israel.

Olmert: No, no, no. That’s exactly the issue. I call on every prime minister who respects Israel to condemn the prime minister of Israel. The State of Israel is not represented by the person who is going to destroy the democratic infrastructure of Israel.”

“Therefore I very much hope this comes to fruition on his present visit [in Germany]. I very much hope that the British prime minister will cancel the visit of the Israeli prime minister. I’m very happy that the US president isn’t inviting the Israeli prime minister. I very much hope that the US president and the British prime minister reevaluate their ties with the Israeli government.”

Meanwhile, as Olmert spews his vile rhetoric and hate, Netanyahu continues his dedicated work on behalf of Israel. In the video below, he is seen walking with Scholz on Platform 17 at the Berlin-Grunewald railway station, where tens of thousands of Jews were sent to their deaths.

A total of 35 trains transporting 17,000 Jews departed from Platform 17 directly to Auschwitz. By the end of the war, over 50,000 Jews had been deported from the platform.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. To comment #2 apdsvys

    What don’t you understand, the right left a vacuum. They are not acting as if they one the Majority, No Leadership!!!!

    Bibi is wishy washy as in the past. Instead of staying home, finishing the changes quickly, while fighting back with media blitzes, that this is what the people voted for – CHANGE TO TGE TYRANTS OF YESTERYEAR

    SO WHERE IS BIBI? In Germany doing photo ops. Stupid!!!

  2. The EU and other nations give substantial funds to undermine Israel. Somebody is paying for all those brand-new flags we see at the left’s rallies. In the news, it is usually an “ex-minister” or “ex-official” speaking against the government. They are former officials since nobody wants them. A few bucks to fight against Israel. You can’t get lower. They are like elephants at the zoo. All you need are the peanuts.

  3. How incredibly sad.As the holy Satmar Ruv said yes ” By the goyim anti Isreal is anti Semitic ”
    These liberal crazies have hurt us so much.

  4. Apdsvsy, because they always kept control of everything through the courts – even when their people were not the majority in the Knesset. Therefore, technically speaking this is the first election they’ve lost and they’re not happy about it.

  5. The left did lose the election, no doubt about that.
    But as long as they were able to hold on to the Judiciary they still held on to the power.
    All the noise and the violent protests comes now from the fact that the left realizes that they are about to lose the power the Supreme Court had grabbed from the unsuspecting population some 30 years ago.

  6. The fake Germans!

    Just like from the time of Agag until A. Hitler 1000’s of years, their hatred of the Jews did not decrease one iota, Are we idiots to think that in the 75 years since it has?!
    What fool would fall for the spectacle in the video from the Germans
    The reparations from Germany to Israel represent tachlis hasheker. talking and reporting about it is the height of insulting any Jews intelligence.

    The pasuk states Milchama lahashem biamelek midor dor

  7. Olmert ימח שמו וזכרונו=Sedition:- Lock him up for life without any possibility ever of parole
    January 6th = מלחמת מצוה and definitely not Sedition:- Free & exonerate every freedom fighter IMMEDIATELY

  8. While I don’t agree with “boycotting” a sitting PM, it is a bit ironic that a convicted felon is seeking to block “judicial reforms” that would effectively provide a “get out of jail free” card to an indicted felon.

  9. Why aren’t chareidim protesting on the streets about any of the previous issues that bothered them? Have they suddenly got everything solved (chillul shabbos, gius, etc.) and all is perfectly hokey Dory?

    ‏ This would be as ever for for those wishing to do as the police is busy with the chilonim. If it they due get beat up, then the contrast would be best shown.

  10. thank Bibi…Bless Bibi…Bless the black hats and all those who keep shabbos mitzvahs….may this horror of a man be shown the door or exit….

  11. I don’t know here is my comment first they wanted a Jewish state like now with that flag of no religion then some frum Jews made friends with them and said to make the torah a servant for them like saying you can be chicken with royal cloths the torah Judaism is for your lust and wants the pure blood of shabbat then can the Holocaust for some reason and all the millions of people went to a death and so here you have the video one saying to the torah Jews the flag of religion was lust and then the elected torah Jew candidate walking by the holocaust thing that once was asked of a person that was there if they was taking you to the trains why did you not bring a bottle wine some juice or some food that naturally people do this person said that he brought his tefilin because of he bought food the Germans would not let it and that they only let 40 kilo on the train something like that but this is not the true answer many great women of family brought nothing else but what for a shidduch not any food they thought the Germans would give them and many men brought nothing at all they might of had many great people but the reshaim

  12. Isn’t he a convicted for taking bribes and was some how got sweet hart deal from the supreme courts????
    He was known as a failure and he is still is one.
    The way of Rodef is like Lapid and this idiot is to pull the rug and go on tour to his masters like a puppy UN and EU And US, Reform and destroy.
    What the name of Moshe Uncle who did all the damage?
    What was the name of villan of this month Purim?
    Liberman, Lapid, this guy and his likes will get better reward from high above.

  13. Ehud Olmert’s call to world leaders to boycott Netanyahu makes him a moser and a rodef and a Chillul HaShem.

    Ehud Olmert may claim that he is only trying to boycott Netanyahu, but the result of his actions will certainly be a boycott against all Israel.

    Just-in-case you do not remember, the Second Temple [Bayit Sheni] was destroyed because one faction of Jews decided got non-Jewish leaders involved.

  14. Hallalu ovdei a”z vaHallalu ovdei a”z. Both are Zionists. Both ran the greatest shmad operation in modern history. As well, read Rav Weissmandl and others on the Zionists’ actions and inaction during the Holocaust.

    The idol worship must stop.

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