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Undercover Officers Eliminate Terrorists In Daytime Jenin Op [VIDEOS]

Yamam undercover counterterrorism officers carried out a daytime operation in Jenin on Thursday afternoon and eliminated two senior terrorists.

After their cover was blown, a Palestinian mob surrounded the officers’ vehicle and attacked them with stones and other objects. The officers shot in the air and fled to a nearby store, where they called additional military forces to rescue them.

Two more terrorists were killed in the ensuing gun battle and 20 were injured, several seriously.

A statement from the Shin Bet, police and the IDF said, “At the end of a shared operation of the IDF, Yamam, Border Guard officers and Shin Bet, with the precise direction of the Shin Bet, the forces neutralized two armed wanted suspects in Jenin.”

“One of the neutralized wanted suspects was Nadal Hazem, an Islamic Jihad operative who perpetrated significant terrorist activity. The other wanted person was Yosef Abu Ashrin, an Islamic Jihad operative who was involved in terrorist activities that include the production of explosives and shooting at IDF forces.”

“Another suspect was neutralized after he tried to attack the forces with a sledgehammer. During the operation, the forces fired at armed men who shot at them, and injuries were detected. In addition, violent disturbances developed during which suspects threw stones at the forces. All the forces left Jenin and there were no casualties to our forces. The security forces will continue to act to thwart terrorism and maintain the security of the State of Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It is also a good opportunity for everyone reading this to take a moment and thank the IDF for their amazing work in eliminating our enemies one by one. The bravery and dedication to carry out an operation such as this is unbelievable. These ops put their lives on the line regularly in what are obviously extremely dangerous situations to protect our brothers and sisters in Eretz Hakodesh. Kol hakavod and a thousand thank yous

  2. I dunno, I personally think it’s sad that the Yishmaelim bnei bris Avrohom aveinu can’t have a civil society anywhere in Eretz Yisroel cuz like the IDF just swoops in and just starts shooting people in public places. They have the right to live in Eretz Yisroel. The honest truth is the average Arab in Yisroel probably does a better job keeping the chukos bnei Noach than the average Israeli. Can you imagine living in a city where stuff like that occurs, where an occupation army just shows up occasionally to assassinate someone? Yikes… Also, when the medinah claims someone is a “terrorist”, you really don’t know what they mean. Could just be a political dissident who posted critical comments against the medinah on social media or something. You really don’t know. Like, if you don’t cooperate with Israeli authorities in an interrogation and refuse to answer your questions and they beat you up, severely injuring you, they’ll just put in the police reports stuff like you tried to steal a gun and that you yelled out terrorist things or whatever. There is a serious culture of lying in the magav and Israeli police and shabas. They throw around the term “terrorist” to a point that gets really shameful. Look at all the kids Honenu has had to defend who end up in like administrative detentions tortured just cuz they didn’t cooperate with some magvnik thugs in a settlement demolition or something. Really shameful stuff. You really never know because the medinah already has lost all credibility. Also, just to put it into perspective, the medinah literally just tried to kill you all in a genetics experiment. They are desparate for some Arabs to start up just so that they can point the finger at Arabs and blame them for problems and get dumb Israelis to rally round the flag, all a diversion from people dying suddenly from the calamari clots. That’s the clown world we’re now living in.

  3. Schmendrek, there’s a guy Thomas Friedman at the New York Times looking for a co-writer. I think you’d be great for the job…

  4. I can’t I get noshes I get sick when I think about this it’s nuts these Arabs just come into Israel with guns and they start shooting every other day. It’s nuts and I think this is good and they just kill every single one of them because it just it’s like killing people is a game and it’s okay and take this for much longer when there’s terrorist attacks every single day. I think they need to have army on every other street in Israel

  5. yidl613, thank you for raising another important point: the way the establishment deals with very valid criticisms, anytime anyone points out their corruption publicly, is usually to try to discredit that person often by attribution of a loathsome disease he does not possess, which is defamation per se, and to try to have the person institutionalized and chemically lobotomized. Victor Ostrovsky in his book The Other Side of Deception discusses how Israeli intelligence officers who turned dissidents genearlly end up put in psychiatric wards, drugged to oblivion, ad forgotten. That is standard practice of the regime. Glad I don’t live there. Lolsies tho, very funny to joke about. That’s the regime you support, yidl613.

  6. You know Schmendrick, maybe you are one. I just read you first 3 lines and almost puked. Come here live in the land that Gd gave to Beni Avraham then we can talk. You DON NOT get to have an opinion unless your on the ground here. These are Jewish boys that are trying to prevent terrorist attacks from killing Beni Avraham and I might add when you come here for Peasch you’ll feel safe. In addition we do not trust most Arabs living here ,always need to watch your back. Got your fact all wrong. As I said you do not get to have an opinion.

    Join us in the Land of Israel our MEDINA which our fathers, brothers and sisters have spilled their blood for so you can come and visit any time and eat from the fruits of the land.

  7. Um, I mean, I lived there a decade. My opinion is really the opinion of the Rambam in Hilchos Melachim uMilchamos. I would live there, but I saw where the medinah keeps Jews on a closed ward drugged to oblivion, and I really don’t want to support the medinah. I struggle with that delimma for several hours usually while trying to sleep every night. I wish I were able to live in Yisroel safely. The medinah has done some horrible things to innocent people that you don’t know about because you’ve never seen it, and I just don’t want to support it.

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