BDE: Tel Aviv Terror Victim Or Ascher, H’yd, Dies Of His Injuries


Ichilvo Hospital in Tel Aviv on Monday announced the death of Or Ascher, h’yd, 33, who was critically injured in the shooting attack in Tel Aviv a week and a half ago.

Prof. Ronni Gamzu, the director of the hospital, said: “Or came to us after prolonged resuscitation at the scene which continued in the hospital and he was immediately taken to the operating room where against all odds, the doctors managed to stabilize his condition. Unfortunately, his injury was critical and after a heroic struggle of many days, in which we saw a determined man fight for his life, we had to pronounce his death today.”

“I would like to thank Or’s noble family for their request to donate his organs and save a life. Unfortunately, under tragic circumstances, all of us at Ichilov were privileged to be exposed to an amazing family and we thank them for sharing their son’s life with us and hope we succeeded in supporting them at this difficult time.

“As Israel experienced upheaval on its streets, we were amazed to see that here, on the 3rd-floor hallway near the intensive care department, the extraordinary number of thousands of Israelis who came to support and daven with the family. We are sorry to announce to Am Yisrael that after 12 days, Or has passed away.”

Natali Ascher, Or’s mother, said: “A light of rare quality, which showered nothing but goodness, love and giving on everyone who crossed its path, was extinguished today. Thank you on our behalf to all the staff at the Ichilov Hospital, who for days and nights did everything they could with professionalism, dedication, and sensitivity. To the dozens of amazing friends who surrounded us day and night, supported and cried with us since the attack  -you’ll be engraved in our hearts forever. To all of Am Yisrael who were with us, supported us and davened – each in his own way and according to his faith.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Arizona: that is a very insensitive and stupid comment. He was killed al kiddush Hashem no different than any other chareidi victim of arab terrorism. Are you aware that the massacre in Chevron in 1929 was before the state of Israel was founded?

    He was a korabn for Klal Yisrael. period.

  2. we must throw these murderous Yishmaeli animals out of our country forever

    Every Dalet Amot they walk & breathe in our Eretz Yisroel is a declaration of War!