“Sefer Torah In Tza’ar:” Gedolei Yisrael Request Tefillos For HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch

HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, HaGaon HaRav Dov Landau and HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein. (Photo: Yaakov Nachumi)

Concern is mounting in the Olam HaTorah about the condition of Rosh Yeshivas Slabokda, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, who was diagnosed with a serious illness earlier this year.

HaRav Hirsch was hospitalized last week due to a deterioration in his condition but was released from the hospital on Thursday. On Friday, his condition worsened again and he was re-hospitalized.

On Tuesday morning, a letter by HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein and  HaGaon HaRav Dov Landau was published asking the public for tefillos.

“When one of the special ones of the generation, one who has given over the mesorah…Rosh Yeshivas Slabodka, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, is suffering greatly due to his illness and is in need of rachamei Shamayim – our hearts are sighing with a plea to Hashem to send a refuah sheleimah to the ‘Sefer Torah in tza’ar’ that he soon be restored to good health,” the letter states.

“Therefore we are calling with great emotion to Acheinu Bnei Yisrael to increase their tefillos and supplications, especially on Wednesday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan. And all heichelei Torah and schools should set aside times to say Tehillim for his refuah.”

The Rosh Yeshivah’s name for tefillah is HaRav Moshe Hillel Ben Mindel l’refuah sheleimah b’toch shaar cholei Yisrael.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)