Police Arrest Anarchist Who Hit Minister On The Head With A Flag


Israel Police arrested a left-wing female protester who hit Agriculture Minister Avi Dichter on the head with a flag on Thursday morning.

The incident occurred during a protest at the Airport City business park, where Dichter was attending a conference.

The police said they arrested three suspects, one who tried to block the entrance to the auditorium where the conference was held, the second who kicked a car belonging to Dichter’s entourage while biting one of the minister’s security guards, and the third after attacking Dichter and his car with a flag.

Dichter was not seriously harmed.

In response, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, “I strongly condemn the attack of Minister Avi Dichter by a left-wing activist and demand that the heads of the opposition immediately stop the anarchy, violence and incitement against elected officials.

“I demand that the police and the State Attorney’s Office take immediate and firm action against anyone who raises a hand to elected officials—before it’s too late.”

Likud Minister Ofir Akunis stated: “I am showing support to my friend Minister Dichter, the former head of the Shin Bet, who was attacked by left-wing protesters. Over a month ago, I warned that this violence could end in political murder. It’s closer than ever.

“The silence of the leaders of the opposition and the left is dangerous. Their silence gives a green light to the violence of the left-wing protesters to drag Israel into anarchy.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Al always have remarked that Lapid and his Friends do just criticize the right but if they attacked by leftist they are quit same with the religious people, they allopw anachirst to do what they want.Lapid is a bad looser and a Friend of the Arabs and i have thoughts if he is even real jewish

  2. shlomomo find a different site with your leftist elitists friends. Bibi and Deri are victims of your oligarchy and corrupt judicial system and the majority of Israelis aren’t going to put up with it any longer ,no matter how many roads you illegally block.