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DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: IDF Ground Forces Directing Air Force Strikes On Hamas Hiding Inside Mosque

The IDF has reported several incidents in the northern Gaza Strip involving clashes with Hamas operatives. In one instance, the Nahal Brigade directed an aircraft to target a group of Hamas members who were inside a mosque and attempting to escape through a tunnel.

Separately, Hamas launched anti-tank guided missiles at IDF troops from various locations, including near hospitals. A helicopter was deployed to provide suppressing fire and ensure the safe extraction of the forces.

Furthermore, IDF troops engaged with and neutralized several operatives while discovering rocket launchers and other weaponry inside a school. This school was reportedly used by Hamas as a base for launching mortars and rockets towards Israel.

The IDF also confirmed striking multiple positions used for launching mortars and anti-tank missiles.

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  1. keep on continue doing a job well done and please don’t stop at all even 4 a minute 2 rest we’re all relying and davening 4 u 2 continue in ur mission 2 finally wipe them all out and bring all the hostages back home safely and quickly 2 their families maybe moshiach will finally come beis hamikdash rebuilt quickly and no more wars 2 fight anymore

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