WATCH: Hamas Terrorists Beat Gazans, Steal Humanitarian Aid For Themselves


A video of Hamas operatives beating up Gazan civilians who tried to take food from humanitarian aid trucks that entered the Strip was published by Kan on Sunday evening.

The video shows Hamas terrorists brutally beating the civilians who had gathered around the trucks in southern Gaza.

According to a source quoted by Kan, the terrorists then proceeded to steal the contents of the truck for themselves and transfer them to their headquarters.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Am I going mad ????
    Did the Israeli government say if Hamas start taking the humanitarian aid it will stop immediately????
    Are we the only stupid nation in the world that feed its enemies???
    Or is this the new leftist liberal woke world we live in
    We so need Moshiach desperately

  2. They should have never made even one concession.
    People die in wars, if there is no food and water they will force themselves out thru the Rafah Crossing, a mass exodus would be unable to control and pro-Israel journalists could have cameras to document the Egyptian reaction.