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WATCH: IDF Forces Operate In Shifa Hospital In The Gaza Strip

The IDF published footage of forces operating in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital on Wednesday morning. The hospital’s subterranean tunnels served as Hamas’s headquarters.

“Searches for explosive devices and other terrorist infrastructure at the same time as humanitarian aid,” the IDF statement said. “The forces continue their targeted activity at Shifa Hospital.”

IDF soldiers delivered humanitarian aid, including mobile incubators, medical supplies, and baby food, and placed it at the entrance of the hospital. Also, the IDF forces were accompanied by doctors and Arabic-speaking IDF soldiers to ensure the patients at the hospital weren’t harmed.

Prior to entering the hospital, IDF forces encountered terrorists who tried to detonate explosives. A gun battle ensured and the soldiers killed at least five Hamas terrorists. B’Chasdei Hashem, no IDF soldiers were injured in the battle.

There are no signs of hostages currently being held in the hospital [Hamas had ample warning that the IDF was closing in on the site] although it is believed they were held there in the past. However, the IDF is hoping to glean intelligence information about the hostages at the site. Troops found weapons and other Hamas material at the hospital.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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