ESCALATION IN THE NORTH: Hezbollah Fires Rockets, Suicide Drones & Mortars, Destroys IDF Base [Vidoes]


There has been a noted escalation in the number of attacks by the Hezbollah terror organization against Israel this week.

The IDF carried out preliminary strikes in southern Lebanon early Monday morning. Hezbollah responded with a number of attacks and in the most recent barrage, launched about 25 mortars along with rockets and three suicide drones at Kiryat Shmona, Margliot and other northern border towns. One of the drones was shot down.

Most of the residents of Israel’s north have evacuated the area and fortunately, there were no casualties reported. A home in Margliot was damaged.

Earlier on Monday, Hezbollah launched a heavy barrage of rockets and mortars at Biranit and Arab al-Aramshe (an Arab-Israeli town). The IDF base on Biranit was struck, causing fires to break out and severe damage to several buildings. Fortunately, there were no injuries among IDF forces.

The IDF spokesperson said that IDF forces responded by attacking the sources of the launches, adding that it earlier carried out a strike against a Hezbollah terror squad preparing to carry out an anti-tank missile attack.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m sorry this is ridiculous!!
    Israel always says “we’re aggressively striking hezbollah infrastructure”
    If you aggressively strike something you destroy it. How is it possible that the attacks from Lebanon are only getting more destructive and more consistent?!
    Israel is full of it. They have to stop lying about things!

  2. I do not think that it is a good idea to show on a news site a video how those barbaric animals were successful in damaging an army base. Why notify them that they were successful?