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JERUSALEM RESIDENTS BEWARE! Terrorists Who Attempted Murder May Be Released To Their Homes

Many of the Palestinian prisoners who were included on the list to be possibly released as part of the hostage deal committed violent crimes, including attempted murder, and 74 prisoners on the list are residents of East Jerusalem.

All released prisoners will be returned to their homes. In one case, a female terrorist who attempted to murder her neighbor in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood of Jerusalem could be returned to her home next to her victim!

In another case, security officials noted that there is information about a terrorist on the list from Yehudah and Shomron who attempted to murder an Israeli by stabbing him over 20 times in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem only four months ago – that he will commit another terror attack if he is released!

It should be noted that Israelis have 24 hours from the time the hostage deal was approved [early Wednesday morning], to appeal to the Supreme Court against the deal or any specific prisoners on the list.

Or Sayer barely survived after being stabbed 20 times by a terrorist on the list of prisoners who may be released.

Seventeen prisoners on the list were convicted of attempted murder. Many belong to terror groups such as Hamas or Islamic Jihad and were convicted of crimes such as causing severe bodily harm, arson, possession of illegal weapons, and endangering state security.

Army Radio journalist Doron Kadosh examined the list and found a number of prisoners who inflicted grave injuries on Israelis in attempts to murder them. Some of the prisoners and their crimes are listed below – not in any particular order:

Muhammad Abu Katish, 17, who attempted to murder a yeshivah bochur [partially paralyzing him for life] and was only recently sentenced to 15 years in prison. Abu Katish specifically sought out a Chareidi victim. He served only one year of the 15 years he was sentenced.

Bassel Abidiya – a 17-year-old terrorist from East Jerusalem who stabbed and wounded two civilians seriously and lightly at Sha’ar Yafo in Jerusalem exactly one month before October 7th.

Abrahaim Temer carried out a shooting attack in April of this year near the kever of Shimon HaTzaddik in Jerusalem and wounded two Breslover chassidim moderately and lightly.

Fatma Amarna, 44, attempted to murder a Border Police officer a number of months ago in the Old City of Jerusalem. The officer was saved by his protective vest.

Ahmed Najama – a 16-year-old terrorist from Jenin who carried out a stabbing attack in Bnei Brak during Operation Bayit Vegan.

Malek Solmein, a resident of East Jerusalem who attempted to murder Border Police officers at Sha’ar Shechem in 2016. She was 16 at the time.

Meison Musa – who stabbed and seriously injured a female IDF soldier next to Kever Rochel.

Asraa Jabes, 38, who attempted murder by exploding a gas balloon in her car near Ma’ale Adumim in 2015. Her face was disfigured as a result of the explosion and she went to court to request a nose job at the expense of the State. Her request was denied.

In addition, a terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack less than two months ago at Sha’ar Yafo, seriously wounding an Israeli man, is on the list.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. can anyone explain why this is a good idea. hope you could enjoy seeing released hostages today before they get killed tomorrow.

    people very stupidly think the arabs/palestinians just want peace

    raise a posse to kill them as they are released

  2. The terrorists who get released should be first injected with a disease that will guarantee their deaths within a very short time, and disability in the time prior to their deaths. None of these animals has a claim to survival, and should be sent home to have their deaths on the hands of their families. If the disease can be something that is contagious, their supportive families can also be eliminated with them. This holding of these terrorists in prison is a mistake altogether. They should have been put to death long ago.

  3. This terrible capitulation to terror is going to create a wave of right wing, trigger happy vigilantism. And justly so. It will be every man for himself. Any slight suspicion and pow pow someone will pay the price. That’s not how a normal society should function!

  4. What a stupid post.

    Well done YWN for constantly trying to instill fear unto innocent people.
    Do you actually think before posting? The headline is outrageous

  5. While I strongly agree with the POINT of this article that it is extremely dangerous to release these people, I disagree with the headline which is explicitly fear mongering.
    We can point out that it’s wrong, but no reason to scare all “Jerusalem residents.” It won’t help anyone.

  6. If another crime is perpetrated by such terrorist, hopefully soldier/police shall 🔫 dead, & a future prisoner swap shall be impossible, and be Gvir can advocate that no charges ever brought upon any soldier in such cases

  7. It’s so thoughtful that the commentors not living in Jerusalem are concerned about the mental health of Jerusalmites as they chastise YWN for “fear-mongering”.

  8. According to a few reports I’ve seen which appear to be true,
    I was somewhat shocked to learn that the head of Hamas, Sinwar YMS, had brain cancer while in
    Israeli prison for killing two Israelis and four Palestinians. He was treated and cured
    by Israel and not charged anything. Oct 7 is how he showed his gratitude.

  9. Tactful, smart and responsible!
    This headline is exactly what your readers in Jerusalem need to hear right now.
    Pure genius! So very professional!

  10. How dare they say that none of them have “blood on their hands”???
    That they were unsuccessful in causing death to their victims due to some factor out of their control does not make them not murderers for even one second

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