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WATCH: “Innocent” Gazans Try To Harm Hostages, Jeer At Elderly Woman, Yell Allahu Akbar

Israeli media reported on Tuesday night that the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups had to change the location of the transfer of Israeli hostages to the Red Cross multiple times on Tuesday evening as Gazan civilians tried to kill them. Other reports said that the return of the hostages was delayed due to the crowds.

Unlike previous releases, last night’s release was carried out by not only Hamas terrorists but also Islamic Jihad terrorists, who are seen embracing each other at the end of the video seen below.

The “innocent” civilians jeered as the hostages, mostly elderly ladies and a 17-year-old, were escorted to the vehicle, and yelled Allahu Akbar.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The current state of the Palestinians is exactly like the citizens of Shichem when they abducted and mutilated Dina! Shimon and Levi were correct in their assessment that every citizen of Shichem had the din of a rodef and had to be killed. Secular Israel doesn’t understand that unfortunately.

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