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PURE EVIL: Hostages Says Captives Were Beaten With Electric Cables, Forced To Eat Toilet Paper

A Thai worker who was taken hostage on October 7th and subsequently freed in recent days told Channel 12 of the horrific beatings he watched Israeli captives undergo at the hands of Hamas.

“We were with Israelis, and they were guarded all the time,” he is quoted saying. “The Jews who were held with me were treated very harshly, sometimes they were beaten with electric cables.”

He described the food provided to the hostages as severely limited — typically just one pita per day, occasionally a tin of tuna divided among four people, and at times, a small portion of cheese. During their captivity, which lasted over seven weeks, he mentions they were permitted to shower only once.

Another hostage, a Filipino, said hostages ate toilet paper to avoid fend off starvation. He said he was given just half a pita a day for food, and resorted to supplementing his diet with bits of toilet paper.

“It looked like we were 40 meters underground, and that’s why the walls were damp. I attached the paper I had saved to the walls, until it got wet. Then I put it in my mouth and ate it – and that way my stomach wasn’t empty,” he said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If any other country’s citizens were to be starved & had to eat toilet paper The Red Cross would be posting photos everywhere & cite violations of Geneva Convention WTH

  2. Wow ! You mean to say that besides beheading babies and burning people alive, they also had people eating toilet paper???!!! That’s too much!!!

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