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EXTENDED: Hamas And Israel Agree To At Least One Day of Extended Ceasefire

The Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed that the Gaza truce will be extended for one more day, following the reception of a list containing 10 women and children hostages set for release from Gaza.

This list complies with the agreed-upon ceasefire rules.

The pause was set to end at 7 a.m this morning.

Statement from the Prime Minister’s Office

“The War Cabinet unanimously decided last night that if a list, as was agreed upon in the outline, was not delivered by 7:00am this morning, fighting would resume at once.

A list of women and children – in accordance with the terms of the outline – was delivered to Israel a short time ago; therefore, the pause will continue.”

Qatar’s foreign ministry has also confirmed the extension, and it will be governed by the same terms as the previous six days, during which Hamas released at least 10 hostages in exchange for the release of at least 30 Palestinian prisoners by Israel.

Israel in turn will also release 30 Palestinian prisoners for every 10 hostages.

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