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TRAGEDY UPON TRAGEDY: Man Who Heroically Shot Jerusalem Terrorists Mistakenly Killed By Police

A man who shot and killed at least one terrorist Thursday morning in the midst of the terror attack on Thursday at a Jerusalem bus stop, killing 3, was tragically shot and killed by police who mistook him for a terrorist, bringing the terror attack’s death toll to 4.

The latest victim was identified as Yuval Doron Castelman, 38, of Mevaseret Tzion, was on the other side of the road when the terrorists began shooting. He put his car into park, pulled out his gun and charged at the terrorists, taking out at least one of them.

In the chaos, security forces shot Yuval as well, thinking he was one of the terrorists. He was critically injured, and was rushed to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center, where he sadly passed away.

“Yuval was always a hero and the first to leap to save lives, and he did so this time as well” his heartbroken family said in a statement.

The other victims include HaDayan HaRav Elimelech Wasserman HY”D, 73, from Rechov Sorotzkin in Jerusalem; Mrs. Chana Ifirgan HY”D, 67, a school principal from Beit Shemesh; and Mrs. Liba Dikman HY”D, 24, from Har Nof.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. They shot him after he put his hands in the air and lied down on the ground. This was criminal negligence and the soldiers should be prosecuted. I am fine with killing terrorists on the scene but you need to make sure you’re killing the terrorist.

  2. What kind of a third world country is this? With all the hype of Israeli tech, they cant think of a strategy to avoid such horrible casualties?! The tragic immense 10/07/23 invasion amd now this? What is going on?!?



    1) Which one of the below accepted a 2 state solution (one Jewish and one Arab) in 1948 when Israel became a state?

    A) Israel

    b) The Arab nations

    2) Do the schools in the Westbank teach their students that all of Israel is occupied territory and must be liberated?

    a) Yes

    b) No

    3) Was Israel ‘occupying’ the West Bank or Gaza when several Arab nations attacked Israel in 1948 and again in 1967 with the stated intent to destroy it?

    a) Yes

    b) No

    4) What does Hamas’s charter call for?

    a) 2-state solution

    b) the destruction of Israel

    5) What main pre-condition did Israel set to establish a Palestinian country in the Westbank?

    a) Palestinians must accept the right of Israel to exist even outside the Wesbank

    b) Palestinians must build a strong economy

    c) Their country must be democratic

    c) They must pay Israel taxes

    6) Do the majority of Palestinians accept the right of Israel to exist considering they teach their children in school that all the land of Israel is stolen from them?

    a) Yes

    b) No

    7) According to archaeological evidence which of the below people are indigenous to the land of Israel having had a sovereign nation there since 1300 BCE?

    a) The Jewish people

    b) The Palestinians

    8) Fill in the blanks:

    In the last 75 years the _______have been trying to wipe out the ________

    a). Arab nations

    b) Israeli nation

    9) What is a human shield?

    a) The illegal placement of military persons and equipment (missiles, bombs…) in populated civilian buildings and areas knowing that civilians will be killed when the valid military targets are hit.

    b) A tool to protect citizens

    10) Why does Hamas use their citizens as human shields?

    a) To protect their citizens

    b) To maximize the number of their deaths to make Israel look bad in the media

    Bonus: Should people who care about the deaths of Gaza citizens protest against Hamas’s use of their citizens as human shields?

    a) Yes

    b) No

  4. Avraham613:
    This is silly Zionist propaganda.
    The Zionists invaded a century ago, and do not represent “Jews”.
    The Zionists waged terror and a war in order to establish their State, against the will of the nations. They further took territory not originally intended for them, like Jerusalem which was to be international.

  5. Chanauz, what kind of tech do you imagine could possibly tell the difference between an armed civilian and a terrorist? It’s impossible, even in theory, let alone in practice in the heat of battle. Friendly fire has always been part of war, and there is no way to prevent it; we just have to accept it. Would you want soldiers hesitating in the middle of a battle and end up not shooting a terrorist who then goes on to kill more people?!

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