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Watch: Gazan Says: “G-d Will Punish Qatar And Turkey”

A journalist from the Qatar-funded Al Jazeera reporting from the Gaza Strip over the weekend abruptly cut off a Gazan civilian who slammed Qatar and Turkey on a live broadcast.

The reporter interviewed a Gaza civilian about the “massacre” following the resumption of IDF airstrikes on Friday due to Hamas’s violation of the truce.

The Gazan responded: “The massacre here is against innocent civilians. Everyone here are little children. G-d will punish Qatar and Turkey…”

The reporter immediately cut the man off, grabbing the microphone and pushing the man away, and began babbling into the microphone himself, saying: “The issue is a humanitarian one and as we see here, the situation is catastrophic, with many fatalities…”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. This man is bashing Qatar and Turkey because they are not helping the Palestinian people enough. He is not anti-hamas per se at all.

    The journalist presumably cut him off as Al’jazeera is funded by Qatar and can’t have anti-Qatar things being heard on the broadcast.

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