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WATCH THIS: Nadler Says “Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism,” Mentions ‘Satmar Shita’ As proof

Representatives Jerry Nadler, Daniel Goldman, and Jamie Raskin on Monday introduced a resolution in response to the alarming rise of antisemitism in the United States – but Nadler made some stunning remarks while speaking on the House floor about the resolution.

The resolution calls for bipartisan collaboration and a comprehensive, all-of-government response to combat antisemitism in the United States, including, for example, increasing funding for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program. Additionally, it calls on Congress to provide robust funding for the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights to help enforce Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and help protect Jewish students from antisemitism.

But Nadler, pants firmly around his shoulders, also went on a rambling rant on the House floor about how not all anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, pointing to the Satmar chassidus to prove his point. Ironically, Nadler’s comments came on Kuf Alef Kislev, the day Satmar chasidim celebrate the Rebbe having been spared from the Nazis… via the Zionists.

Watch the jaw-dropping video below.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  1. Actually, what he said is true. He even said that “while most anti-Semitism” (he mean anti-Zionism, big misspeak) is anti-Semitic. He had a policy problem with the bill. This is a legitimate concern in policy discussions, if a feel-good statement that’s overly simplistic has implications beyond what the author meant or knows.

    YWN is just stirring the pot. Again

  2. Nothing but the simple truth. One thing he wldnt know, ITS THE TORAH. Its being called the Satmar שיטה cuz unfortunately only the holy Rav Zatzal and a handful of other Gedolim got it straight.
    It shld be noted the the holy Belz, Lubavich Rebbes were dead against the State of Israel. They didnt mince words on the Zionsm. But unfortunately only Satmar (save for a few other) Chasidim dont change their thinking as the wind blows.
    Btw, many ליטוויש גדולים were/are in the same שיטה. Many קנאים in their courts. It doesn’t belong to Satmar at all.
    But Jerry Nadler nailed it. The voices of anti Zionsm resonates to the world. Bless @torahjews for relentlessly spreading the word.

  3. Which is his remarks were “stunning”? Or incorrect, for that matter?
    Now. One could argue that there’s no reason he has to argue that point for the other side. But he did open by saying that most anti-zionism is indeed just antisemitism.

  4. Modern day meraglim! Speaking out against the State, is essentially speaking out against the millions of Yidden who live in Eretz Yisrael – because of the existence of the state – and Hashem’s clear אות לטובה of allowing the State to flourish and host millions of Yidden.

  5. Thank you @Miriam for the well written response.

    regarding this:
    “Ironically, Nadler’s comments came on Kuf Alef Kislev, the day Satmar chasidim celebrate the Rebbe having been spared from the Nazis… via the Zionists.”
    That is a rather disgusting take by YWN, as is well stated by many gedolim that the Holocaust was punishment because of the Zionists. Crediting the zionist for “saving” the Satmar Rebbe zt”l is like crediting the Hamas van driver credit for saving the released hostages as he drove them back to Israel.

  6. @DontMindMe, your comment of “any way the wind blows” demonstrates a lack of maturity and clarity on your part. At some point some gedolim may have been against a secular medina, and the zionists movement, but that has nothing to do with what the violent protestors are motivated by. THEY are motivated by anti-semitism, and that’s what many people are concerned by. The Nazis would also have taken the Palestinians side (they actually did, as yimach shemo met with the grand Mufti of Jerusalem), but not because of the love of Jews. At some point, you will mature and realize that the “every day” frum yid has it right, and you don’t need to overthink this or show how pure you are- let’s stick up in any way possible- financially, diplomatically, etc., to save Jews.

  7. @Miriam, your comment of “any way the wind blows” demonstrates a lack of maturity and clarity on your part. At some point some gedolim may have been against a secular medina, and the zionists movement, but that has nothing to do with what the violent protestors are motivated by. THEY are motivated by anti-semitism, and that’s what many people are concerned by. The Nazis would also have taken the Palestinians side (they actually did, as yimach shemo met with the grand Mufti of Jerusalem), but not because of the love of Jews. At some point, you will mature and realize that the “every day” frum yid has it right, and you don’t need to overthink this or show how pure you are- let’s stick up in any way possible- financially, diplomatically, etc., to save Jews.

  8. Most satmer jewish don’t voice their “shita” to the street, b/c they understand it can be used agianst other jews. the one that do are anti-Semitism.

  9. the satmar rebbe ztl said that when a goy is anti zionist hes an antisemite
    Nadler qualifies as a goy!!!

    reb yosef chaim zonnelfeld ztl was once speaking to an arab sheik
    who said that he and the rabbi are the same as they both hate the zionists
    and the rav answered absolutley not he said “i hate them for their goyeshness
    and you hate them for their jewishness

    all goyim and non frum jews who are anti zionists are antisemites

  10. Dead wrong anyone that knows anything about the Rebbes shita knows that he strongly held that any anti Zionist non Jew is a good old fashioned antisemite that’s trying to play it politically correct because the only reason he was against Zionism was because he believed it was going against the Torah and no nonbelievers have any of the reason that he had to go against Zionism

  11. It is easy to tell the difference. Anti-Zionists who are not anti-Semites never support (engage, cheer, express approval of) violence against Jews, and they never complain about Diaspora Jews wanting communal autonomy including control over welfare and education institutions. We can thus conclude that the “Progressive Democrats” who cheer on the murder and rape of Jews, and also attack Yiddishkeit at every opportunity, are in fact anti-Semites (meaning their hatred of Zionist is because the Zionists are Jews).

  12. what he said is true and not just Satmar. Someone mentioned in the comments, ‘many’ litvish gedolim were opposed. not sure why he said ‘many’, it is ALL. The only differences between the various groups of opposition are how the apply their opposition practically in the real world. Should they vote, participate, protest, etc. but they were always in Europe and still today ALL opposed to the ideology of Zionism. This does not apply obviously to Young Israel, modern orthodoxy, or Mizrachi movement.
    Ideology today is mostly a thing of the past and the ‘masses’ especially young people of the litvish communities are unaware and apparently find Nadler’s remarks objectionable or surprising. The fact that this article was even written in the way that it was, clearly demonstrates this.

  13. Everyone is forgetting the point made by Yossies. Nadler never qualified the Satmar shita by including the entire Satmar shita and even more so their refutation of NK and SHapiro.

  14. As to the statement by YWN that the Satmar Rebbe ztl was saved by the Zionists. It is well known that Dr. Kastner, who organized the rescue, said that before the train left his mother appeared to him in a dream. She told him that if the Satmar Rebbe is not included in the transport, the train will never reach its destination. Now, who saved whom…??

  15. Whats the difference? All this hair splitting? 99% of the people these days who are making trouble for the land of Israel indeed hate the jews so all this man is doing is giving them an out to make believe that they arent antisemitic when of course they are. And people who openly spread their internal shitas (whether it is right or wrong) for consumption by such people are giving fuel to the fire of jew hatred.

  16. Meir
    Rabbi Shapiro isnt NK. NEVER WAS. U ever saw him with them? They quote him for their legitimacy but hes NOT affiliated w them in any way.
    And YOSSIES, the Satmar Rav never said it.

  17. Miriam: I am not sure why you paint stubbornness as a virtue. There were many legitimate concerns about the Zionist movement and so there were many voices against it – but when all the other Gedolim saw that the State of Israel ended up becoming something far different than the graveyard of Yiddishkeit that the Zionists envisioned it would be, these Gedolim abandoned their criticism, thanked hashem for the miracle and began working on making israel a holier nation. In other words, they changed their view based on new information and the facts on the ground. It is only a stubborn, egotistical, self-centered, haughty narcissist who continues to engage in war against the ghost of an enemy that no longer exists simply because he lacks the courage to admit that he was wrong.

  18. The bracha of ולמלשינים certainly applies to those who oppose the state of Israel. The worst enemy of the Jew is usually from our “own”.

  19. @Miriam – Not 100% sure I understood everything you wrote, but I will say this. It was not merely “a handful of other Gedolim (who) got it straight.” It was actually the vast majority! The few that initially did not agree, eventually did so. What some DID disagree upon was how to deal with the issue once the establishment of The State was a foregone conclusion. The breakaway from the “Old Yishuv” felt it was productive to deal with them on a political level while the “Old Yishuv” maintained their stance to not recognize the new country at all. (Actually, the Great and Holy Divrei Yoel zt”l held that to vote in LOCAL elections did not present any problem at all.)

    Now, Torah-knowledgeable Jews understand well the difference between Zionism and Judaism and how the establishment of a State by force and before its time is prohibited. But a Jew believing in a political belief – even one which has no source or support from the Torah – does not / cannot make him/her not Jewish any more than any aveira can (i.e. אף על פי שחטא, ישראל הוא).

    But for the non-Jew, there is no difference. The “Jewish” State, to the non-Jew is precisely that; The Jewish State. Frum or not. Supportive of the Torah or not. No difference. It was established as, and presents itself as, The Jewish State (as they often say “the only one in the world”). It follows, therefore, that, indeed, Anti-Zionism IS ABSOLUTELY antisemitism.

    One final point. Representative Nadler no more believes the “shita” of Satmar than he does any other Torah precept perhaps. He DOES need the support of his BLM and PA supported party. Ergo, he invites Rabbeinu Yoel on to the House floor.

  20. Stop confusing and quoting things incorrectly. There were those that voiced their disagreement in allowing people to run the country which don’t want to follow the Torah. All these Neturei kartah and the like which hate their non observant jewish neighbors but kiss jew haters are absolutely demented. They should never be allowed to benefit living in any place like Israel and spit on the country. They dance when jewish blood has been spilled just like the Arabs.

  21. Nadler is a piece of human trash. He is using this reasoning as a way to protect his base and party. Clearly if a member of the Republican party will criticize Israel he will be the first to label them antisemitic

  22. Once again this talking point being used against us. No Jew would give up Israel today yet so many are anti zionist, a glaring contradiction. The enemies of todays “Zionism” are Hamas and the like. Continue with this nonsense if you want to remain in their company. Otherwise clean up and re-term your position and make sure “Zionism” isn’t part of it.

  23. Of course non Jewish anti zionists never studied nuances of different ideological strains, and are most likely using it as a cover for being antisemitic
    Of course we need to support and defend the lives of all Yidden in EY and support continued military aid (as does Nadler by the way) and support the activities of the army to defend lives.
    Nadler was specifically discussing whether to legally define antizionizm as anti semites.
    It is no secret that many non NK Jews also oppose Zionism. His point is correct, no reason to enshrine into law that hundreds of thousands of frum Jews are anti semites

  24. I am confused as to what the Satmer shita which opposes the state on the basis of Yiddishkeit, has to to do with raging Leftists who oppose the state because it is ”a colonial outpost” or some such thinly veiled anti-Semitism. One wants it gone because it is not Jewish enough, and one wants it gone because it Jewish at all!

  25. @ naftoli fischl – “he is correct and he made a kiddush hashem”

    Apparently many posters here are forgetting (or perhaps are unaware) of what the Holy Divrei Yoel of Satmar zt”l told his Gabba’iam after he met with then Presidentital candidate Hubert H. Humphrey.

    Amazed that their Rebbe asked the candidate if he plans on supporting the State of Israel and that he stressed the importance of doing so, he explained to them that to the population at large, Israel is Jewish and supporting Israel means you support Jews.

  26. The goyim and left wing jews who hate Israel are anti Semitic. Fact.
    If you treat Israel differently than other countries and don’t consider Israel’s right to EXIST, that is anti Semitic.
    Because these goyim and non from jews would fight against Dovid Hamelech, too.
    Samar is against zionism. Not a jewish kingdom in our homeland with the real Malchus.
    Others are against a jewish state in any way.

  27. You can argue on an intellectual level whether anti zionism is antisemitism, however MAKE NO MISTAKE -the fact is that 99.9% of non-Jewish anti-zionists are just rabid, Nazi, filthy ANTISEMITES….

    Nadler is misleading everyone…..

  28. He is right!!! But yes, most antizionists ARE antisemites. Just that you cannot say that antizionism and antisemitism are one

  29. The Satmar Shita also calls for keeping Shabbos and Kosher.
    Now let’s see …. Does this devout Satmar chassid genius do any of those?

  30. Rep Jerrold Nadler is correct in stating the Satmar community is not antisemitic,
    the issur though of having a Jewish state is not because the Israel belongs to the Arabs, rather it is because WE are bound by the shalosh shevuos.
    Breaking the shalosh shevuos, as the Zionist may have done doesn’t allow for a boycott or dismantling of Israel by international law because the Torah was given to us NOT THEM.

    Lets be honest, no college students have ever organized a protest/riot against Israeli farmers who fail to keep shmita.

  31. Miriam – you forgot to throw in the holy Jerry Nadler

    I think it’s safe to say that most of the torah world believes in the benefits of the state. And the first ones to be thrown out on their holy backsides would be the chassidim in MS

  32. … once the Jews aren’t in control , meah shearim folks may not get away with what is occurring now, not sure they’ll get the hospitable treatment they expect

  33. He is wrong!
    In 2023 criticism of Israel policies is ONLY because of anti Semitism.
    Even criticism (his and his cronies) of the reforms is based ignorance and is rooted in anti Semitism. It is also a lie because the protests were not really about the reform, they were anti Torah and Yiddishkeit.

    Even worse, in a time of emergency Nadler et al should only support Israel especially publicly. His words put our brethren in Israel and ourselves in greater danger Ch”V

    There is a reason that the Satmar Rebbe ztl said what he said.

  34. The Satmer opinion has proven unequivocally wrong. As a simple read of Eim Habanim Samaycha clearly shows.
    Teichtal grew up as a staunch anti-Zionist Chasid of the Munkatsher Rebbe. However, during the Holocaust, Rabbi Teichtal changed his position from the one he espoused in his youth. The physical product of that introspection is the book, Eim HaBanim Semeicha, in which he specifically retracts his previous viewpoints, and argues that the true redemption can only come if the Jewish people unite and rebuild the land of Israel. Many of his coreligionists viewed the book with skepticism, some going so far as to ban Rabbi Teichtal from their synagogues.

    In the book, Rabbi Teichtal strongly criticizes the Haredim for not supporting the settlement of the Land of Israel. When it was written, it was a scathing criticism of the Jewish Orthodox establishment, and Agudat Israel in particular.

    He writes:

    It is clear that he who prepares prior to the Sabbath will eat on the Sabbath (Avodah Zarah, 3a), and since the Haredim did not toil, they have absolutely no influence in the Land (of Israel). Those who toil and build have the influence, and they are the masters of the Land. It is, therefore, no wonder that they are in control… Now, what will the Haredim say? I do not know if they will ever be able to vindicate themselves before the heavenly court for not participating in the movement to rebuild the Land. (p. 23)

  35. Nadler is no friend of his people. He voted for Obama’s Iran deal, even after the entire Jewish world begged him not to. Even Chuck Schumer refused to vote for it. Not Nadler. For him, being a good Democrat is more important than being Jewish. He is a traitor to our people.

  36. the why so many pro palestnan protests outside JEWISH businesses? If it has nothing to do with Jews why pick those spots to target?

  37. 1. Sadler has always been a turd, always will be.

    2. Wake up call to Satmar: your pathetic self-righteous stance on Israel is not only wrong and serves no positive purpose, but look how non-Jews and even self-hating Jews use your lack of wisdom against fellow Jews. Shame on all of you.

  38. The reason why Nadler is wrong is very simple:

    Satmar hates Zionism because they (correctly) feel that it is against Torah and Yiddishkeit.

    Goyishe anti-Zionists obviously don’t care at all about Yiddishkeit. They only hate Zionism because it has to do with Jews.

    As a wise anti-Zionist talmid chochom once said about why he can’t work together with anti-Zionist goyim: “They hate the Yid in Zionism, while I hate the goy in Zionsim. Different ballgame altogether.”

  39. One of the blessings, brachos in Amida is ”May our eyes behold Your return to Zion in compassion”
    This is not the soulless Zionism that denies Yiddishkeit. They are two different things, competing for preeminence. The anti-Semites are anti-Jewish, some of them are goyim, and some say they are Jews but that is unverified.

  40. @Nez – I am sure you are aware, as everyone here should be, that Satmar and the Aidah HaChareidis disavowed themselves from the NK long ago. The latter have no Rebbe, are convinced they know better than Rabbeinu Yoel zt”l, and have no need to answer to any Rebbe, Rov, Posek, or Rosh Yeshivah. Mr. Nadler’s quote of the Satmar “shita” is just one very small example of the fallout of the NK’s unfounded rhetoric.

  41. To me, I’m not sure if Nadler’s message is good so we save face while the Zionists are misgarim beumos; or his message “can” c”v lead to more anti semitism as a goy doesn’t differentiate.

    The whole Shitah and problems with Zionists, has made my mind turn like no other subject. After lots of research, and hearing Shitos from Torah on this, it’s most likely the most complicated subject we have today.

    What constitutes zionism; why is it important today; what does Satmar want with their message now that there is a country; did Israel commit war crimes (making the even more misgarim and chillul hashem++?

    The early zionists (in israel), believed in nationalism to the point that it’s ok to plunder villages and kill for this purpose. I can’t live with this… There are stories that confirm this and I’m certain there isn’t a miridah beumos worse than this… Settlers, violence; going against the international law, plus so much more. It was the LEFT at that time and now they blame us as fanatics!

    The whole Israel has caused more problems than solutions.

  42. I love how everyone makes up stories of the satmar rebbe to fit their agenda the real story was that Humphrey on his own in order to show his love for the Jews said he’ll support Israel and the satmar rebbe was quiet later when they asked him why he was quiet the satmar rebbe said that that was his way of saying he loves Jews and the average American גוי who never learned ויואל משה hates Israel out of anti semitism (that was in those days now with lefty propaganda maybe it’s different). but the satmar rebbe said on another occasion that it’s a מצוה to poblosize to the whole world that Jews are not zionists (without taking political sides only to say that for religious reasons we are not Zionists and we want to live peacefully with everyone) even though they hate Jews anyways Zionism makes it worse because through הכנעה they’ll tolerate us even though they hate us.

  43. @Participant:
    Nadler beat Carolyn Maloney, a fellow democrat, because of all the crazy redistricting going on in this corrupt City.

  44. @Shuali “״רבינו יואל זצוק״ל
    Don’t pretend you love the satmar rebbe we know you hate him everyone can see that all your trying to do is to purposely twist facts so people will think that even satmar supports Israel ח״ו. If you would get your hands on a ויואל משה you would burn it.

  45. @Barn owl and all the מעפילים the only בוגדים who are בוגד in the תורה and who put Jews in danger are the Zionists. You guys are also the מרגלים who are מוצאי דיבת הארץ and say that א״י is a simple piece of land with no קדושה and are מטמא it in a terrible way and are פוגם in קדושת א״י just like the מרגלים and a million times worse.

  46. @shuali sorry I saw your first post and I see I made a mistake you’re not a Zionist but the way you said the story was a mistake the satmar rebbe would never tell someone to support Israel he was just quiet because goo explain to a גוי the problems of ציונות and למעשה he said it because he wanted to show support for yidden

  47. what is jaw dropping… this is what they tell us in yeshiva and its true… although many anti-semites are joining in these anti zionist rallys. but bottom line is that zionism is NOT judaism and t4 being anti one isnt being anti the other.
    why does he need to quote satmar… this is the hashkafa of frum yidden…

  48. The one MAJOR problem with Satmar is that while they maybe right about shared zionist culpability for this semi-permanent state of war the yidden in ey are embroiled in , they have NO PLAN WHATSOEVER regarding the future .
    It makes NO DIFFERENCE who was to blame for the past .
    What really matters is the future , and the future only.
    As long as the yidden in ey are in sakana , and as long as there is no viable alternative to that sakana besides the medina, al pi torah we have to support it .
    I can’t see how satmar and its supporters can wriggle their way out of this one .

  49. I’m too tired to start getting involved here, but @Barn_Owl, sweetie, y’all NEED to take a little history lesson, darling! I’m sure you mean we’ll, but ignorance can get a little embarrassing. You realize you implied that the Chofetz Chaim would be included in velamalshinim, right?

  50. Let’s face it .
    Satmar wants the dismantlement of the medina AT ALL COST.
    There is NO LIMIT to what cost for yidden this might entail chvs’h .
    No limit in Rechush . And no limit in Nefashot .
    According to them the mere EXISTENCE of the medina is against the WHOLE TORAH , and this is yehareig ve’al yaavor.
    Meaning that we are mechuyav to give up our [and all other yidden’s] life to dismantle the medina .
    Meaning that we cannot use the medina to save any yid’s life.
    Meaning that ,faced with a choice between saving yidden and helping the medina versus not helping the medina and letting yidden die , we have to choose the second option .
    The difference between satmar and non satmar is not just a few cute comments on YVN.
    The difference between satmar and non satmar is so huge and so consequential.
    It LITTERALLY is the difference between LIFE and DEATH .
    And the way they decide these life and death matters are made so ‘off the cuff’, in such a nonchalant manner.
    Hard to believe …..

  51. Anti-Zionism is simply talk. I guarantee that all of these anti-Zionists would run as fast as their legs, or BMWs and Teslas, can take them the minute they would be under the rule of the so-called Palestinians who raped, murdered, burnt, beheaded and shot Jews. Even under the rule of other Muslim governments many of who recently killed hundreds of thousands of their own Muslim people!! and other minorities, these anti-Zionists would run if they would find themselves under the rule of these people. Or even under the rule of the UN with their extreme anti-Semitism and support of terrorism and brainwashing of young Muslims Arabs in their schools in Gaza and the West Bank, and other terrorism support, the Muslims there would be able to do what they want, I guarantee you they wouldn’t want to be under them. And the European governments don’t have a good track record historically for protecting Jews and wouldn’t do anything if the Muslims would decide to carry out their chant “from the river to the sea” c”v.

    And non-Jews and secular Jews protesting against Israel and being anti-Israel are 100% anti-Semitic. No one protests when Saudi Arabia and the faction they support in Yemen and the Houthis fight a senseless war that has already killed 200,000 Yemenis, the people around the world were not busy screaming for a ceasefire when the civil war in Syria was raging, and is still ongoing, having caused the deaths of 600,000 people!!! There were no global marches against ISIS who killed hundreds of thousands of Yazidis, Christians, Kurds and Muslims. There are no protests against Boko Haram and numerous terrorist groups who kill tens of thousands of people. Millions have been displaced by these senseless wars, fighting and persecution but no one says anything. But when Israel gets horrifically attacked and starts fighting against the terrorism to prevent more horrifying brutality from being committed upon Israelis, the entire world rises up against Israel for daring to fight terrorism because their monstrous anti-Semitism is raring it’s ugly head once again. Jews who want to put their heads in the sand will be worse off than those who live in reality. This has always been the case. Being deliberately blind is not a virtue, it is stupidity.

  52. The headline is wrong and should be changed. He didn’t say anti-zionism isn’t anti-semitism. He actually says that most anti-zionism is anti-semitism, but not all anti-zionism, which is correct of course. BTW even Lubavich who are strong Israel supporters oppose Zionism. Ask them. In a strict sense, a large percent of the current government in Israel are anti-zionist. So of course the wording of the resolution should be changed.

  53. Hi. Regards from Eretz Yisroel. there is a war going here and Jews are being killed. Every day. By evil goyim. Over 6 million Jews live here whose lives are at risk. Rabbonim. Yeshive Bochurim. Seminary girls. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Babies. And you’re defending Nadler. Who justifies anti-Zionism as a member of a political party whose platform includes other “anti-Zionists” who do not want Israel to receive military aid because, well, Zionism. According to them, Zion doesn’t have a right to exist. The people of Zion should be obliterated, annihilated (C”V) and Palestine should be ruled by Muslim terrorists. Please think before you speak. And don’t add fuel to the already-raging antisemitic fires that have been lit up all over the world. Because the same way Hitler YM”SH did not differentiate between religious and non-religious Jews, the antisemites of today do not differentiate between Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews.

  54. sorry @drbim, but you must understand that we Jews are not allowed to run a Jewish country, and this is exactly the excuse anti-semites are using to kill Jews. If there was a blood libel, G-d forbid, accusing someone of murdering a non-Jew and using that to arouse violent mobs, we would be desperate to explain that we Jews don’t murder and if someone did, they should be stopped and punished. So too here, the Jewish Nation is being blamed for the evil of the Zionists and the rule they took away from the goyim who have the right to rule over us. We should be running to scream, “this is not our country, this is not our state!” and daven the Eibeshter has rachmanus and saves us from their wrath.

  55. Lmaasa, the goyim being anti zionist isn’t the same as satmar/frum yodden. its coming from a very different place and lchora a very anti semetic place. and the neturay karta’s mistake is to not make that differentiation

  56. @somejewiknow
    you must understand that we Jews are not allowed to run a Jewish country…..

    says who ?

    some jew i know ????

    Hardly a reliable halahik source …. very doubtful …..

    On the other hand – “Jews are being killed. Every day. By evil goyim. Over 6 million Jews live here whose lives are at risk. Rabbonim. Yeshive Bochurim. Seminary girls. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Babies.”
    That’s not doubtful . That’s [the sad] REALITY . That’s a fact . You HAVE to deal with this fact .

    You cannot ignore it .

    Nor can you ‘blame game’ it away …..

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