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Hamas Operated On Captive Without Anesthesia, Reconnected Foot The Wrong Way

Siblings Maya and Itay Regev endured terrible horrors while in captivity in Gaza.

Maya, 21, who was shot in the ankle before being abducted, underwent surgery in Gaza but the surgeon reconnected her foot in the wrong way.

Itay, 18, was shot in the thigh. He underwent surgery in Gaza without anesthesia as a form of torture.

Fortunately, they were both released from captivity and underwent surgery to repair the damage in Soroka Hospital. Maya still has a long path of recovery ahead of her.

Maya Regev being transferred to the Red Cross.

The video below shows Itay pushing Maya in her wheelchair as they leave the hospital:

Channel 12 News reported that released hostages reported that the terrorists constantly moved them from place to place, disguising them by forcing them to wear hijabs.

“They smuggled us through the main streets – via the humanitarian corridor,” they said. “We walked on the street alongside many civilians who were evacuating, some on bicycles and others in cars.”

“They disguised us so we wouldn’t be recognized. They put hijabs on us and warned us not to talk.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. We are so excited and glad that Maya and Itay were returned to Eretz Yisroel.
    Thank You Hashem
    Almighty, please return to us the remaining hostages.
    May Hashem grant all the injured a
    רפואה שלמה

  2. I suppose the anaesthesia was not kosher leBesach.
    Honestly, if it wouldn’t have been an innocent person who this was done to, it would be a laugh.
    What incenses me the most though is, where are all those countries with whom the hospitals are affiliated with (i.e. the Indonesian hospital etc etc)?!?!
    This is something that should be taken to task for, like to the ICC!
    Doing something like that is a crime!
    Operating without anaesthesia is bad enough, but the wrong way?
    What on earth happened with all those “professional” doctors who “put their life in the line” to work in gaza and keep gazans “safe”?!
    They seem to be operating whilst drunk!!
    How does a doctor reconnect a leg the wrong way?!?!

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