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WATCH: Leftist Israeli Discovered Her Gazan “Friend” Collaborated With Hamas

Batia Holin, a resident of Kibbutz Kfar Aza, is a photographer and peace activist who developed a friendship with a Gazan photographer.

In February 2023, they arranged a joint exhibit of photos of Kfar Aza and his village in the Gaza Strip. Over 10,000 people viewed the images. They had plans for another exhibit in San Diego.

In an interview with Channel 13, Holin revealed that on October 7th, she discovered that “her friend” had participated in the assault and passed the information and photos about her kibbutz to Hamas.

How did she know? She said that she had no contact with him for six months before October 7th for all types of security reasons. But on the morning of October 7th, at about 10 a.m., he called her on the phone, the first time he ever contacted her by phone rather than on the ‘dark web,’ and began asking her all types of questions: “Where are you exactly? What’s going on? How many soldiers are near you?’ Where is everybody?”

“He was digging for information,” she said. “Of course, I hung up the phone and I was worried he would track me via my phone.”

“Whoever says that there are innocent non-involved Gazans – this is the proof that there aren’t,” she concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. What does she being a leftist have anything to do with this story? Who cares which party she’s affiliated with?!?!

    YWN is at it again with pushing it’s narrative.

  2. All deja-vue like the well cultured German neighbors whose children played with our children, but in the end displayed in full force their true nazi colors.
    But בתיה Holin as her last name says, is too profane to believe this & thought she could defy history

  3. So she finally woke up to the years of Takfiya she was played which led to her fellow citizens being preyed upon. Please prAy for all the remaining shotas who still haven’t woken up. They’re mostly in North America.

  4. ““Whoever says that there are innocent non-involved Gazans – this is the proof that there aren’t,” she concluded.”

    Just because her Gazan buddy collaborated with the savages doesn’t at all prove that every other Gazan is just like him. I don’t particularly care what the percentage is or isn’t, but this is silly.

  5. @HaKatan the theory she is pushing is that her friend is the “best” of the gazans, i.e. the least likely to support terrorism against Israeli civilians. If he is actively involved in terrorism, then certainly everyone else is…

    so goes her theory. but we, as Jews, know that the reason for terrorism is our aveiros.

  6. @hakatan
    is right that this “doesn’t at all prove that every other Gazan is just like him”.
    But the percentage matters … And how it matters ….
    And mostly – the ABILITY and the WILL , and the PREDICTABILITY that those innocent non involved Gazans could control the savages ?
    Next Q .
    For how long ?
    Any open eyed observer will agree …..

  7. The pro-terrorists on this site are nauseating. One-sided, extreme anti-Zionism without factoring in the safety of our people, causes one to excuse our nation’s murderers. The reality is that Gazans are bought up, at home and in school, with the ideology that murdering Jews is their goal in life. They ALL, young and old, hate Jews. The few who can overcome their brainwashing and think independently are the exceptions of this murderous people.

  8. @ bal Deah
    Her party affiliation is important, because many in her party have this false belief that there are many “moderates”, and even when they see signs indicating otherwise, they dismiss those with other indicators.
    This story is a lesson to them.

    Her point was not that it is proof that all gazans are like him.
    The fact remains that the concept of a palestinian struggle against “occupiers” is seen in one of two possibilities.
    either there are legitimate, sincere individuals who want nothing more than to live without being abused, or there are a wretched people who have nothing more than religio-fascistic antisemitic hatred, and are simply about abusing the Jews.

    There is ample proof to the latter, especially the fact that every offer for palestinian statehood is rejected, but some like to advocate the other way based on stories like this woman had.

    Now she saw that her interpretation of this mans intentions were wrong.

  9. Bal deah, that she was a leftist peace activist is completely relevant; it’s the most relevant fact in the whole story. If you can’t see that you’re either stupid or dishonest.

    Hakatan the antisemite, this story proves that you can’t trust any of them; they must all be presumed to be terrorists. Everyone there over the age of 10, at least.

  10. HaKatan, surveys were taken in the early weeks after Simchas Torah/Oct. 7th. A large percentage of Gazans expressed support and were proud of Hamas. They celebrated when the news of the massacre because public and joyfully viewed clips of the brutality. Now they are angry at Hamas for ruining their lives. They did not do teshuva. They were enamoured of Hamas when they believed that Hamas will succeed at what Haman יִימַּח שְׁמוֹ וְזִכְרוֹ did not, and what Hitler יִימַּח שְׁמוֹ וְזִכְרוֹ did not complete. Now when they are suffering from the backlash, and see how Hamas is stealing the relief aid, they’re angry. Poor pitiful Pearls. Even the Red Cross told families of hostages that they should feel sorry for the Gazans.
    Here’s what Major (res.) Roy Yanovsky, head of the Channel 13 News investigative desk, wrote about the scene in Gaza (you can see it on Arutz 7):
    “Things you find in Gaza homes:” Yanovsky wrote, starting a thread and noting that the most common items were RPG missiles and Kalashnikov rifles. “The supply is highly impressive,” he wrote.
    The second common item is explosive charges. “It’s hard to find a street without a house that has several ready-to-use, including vests, uniforms, and pretty impressive combat equipment,” he added.
    Yanovsky also found grad missiles in Gaza homes, s well as a calendar with a photo of Gilad Shalit in captivity and a boo,k “Battle Legacy,” about the attacks of the Second Intifada.
    Yanovsky added that they found, “A coloring book for children, that begins with a description of the Nakba, a ‘Map of Palestine’ with the monitored borders and no mention of Israel.” This “is found in almost every home,” he stressed.
    So, HaKatan, the woman is correct. Maybe not all, but most Gazans are like him.

  11. Bal deah, her being a leftist is directly connected to the story! The point is the disillisionment of leftists who thought that Palestinians are peace-loving, humane people who are angry because of the “occupation” but certainly would not betray Israeli “friends” who are on their side and try to defend their rights.
    Her experience proved otherwise.

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