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United Airlines Will Resume Flights To And From Israel In Early March

In a boon for yeshiva bochurim and seminary girls hoping to return to the US for Pesach, United Airlines has informed the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) that it plans to resume flights to and from Israel in early March.

The airline, which halted flights to the Jewish State on October 8th following the Hamas-led massacre that killed 1,200, is scheduled to return to Israel with a flight from New York to Tel Aviv on March 2nd and a return flight from Tel Aviv to New York on March 3rd.

A growing number of airlines have announced in recent weeks their intention to return to Israeli skies.

Delta recently said it plans to resume its flights to Israel on May 1st; Dutch airline KLM said it will fly again to and from Israel beginning April 1st; Fly Dubai is increasing its weekly flights from 4 to 6 at the end of March; and Ethiopean Airlines will increase their weekly flights to 12 beginning March 1st.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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