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H”YD, Uriah Hartum, 16-Year-Old Talmid Yeshivah, Murdered In Eli Terror Attack

The second victim of the Eli terror attack on Thursday evening was identified as Uriah Hartum, z’l, a resident of the Dolev yishuv in Binyamin.

Uriah, H’yd, a talmid of the yeshivah high school in Shomriyah, left behind his grieving parents and five siblings.

His parents, Gadi and Naama, said: “Uriah was a pure soul. We were zocheh to raise a tzaddik kodesh.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. What is his full hebrew name? If we would know his name and his Father’s, we could learn Mishnayoth for him? Is there any way to get the names when you post the death of someone?

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