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HAUNTING: Hear The IDF Soldiers Calling For Urgent Help During Oct. 7 Attacks

Radio recordings from Sergeant Major Mia Vialovo Polo, a surveillance post operator, have been released, shedding light on the initial minutes of the surprise Hamas attack on Israel. The recordings, published by Kan, capture the urgency and confusion as Vialovo Polo reports on the unfolding situation.

At 6:30, she reports, “Diego station, we are tracking 4 people, confirm receipt.” Two minutes later, she alerts, “There is a bulldozer that is currently destroying fence sector 90, confirm receipt.” This is followed by a report of “Code ‘Turkish Rider’ – two people who are currently on a motorcycle and heading south” at 6:35. Turkish Rider is the code for an unidentified force breaching Israel’s border.

Vialovo Polo continues to report on the growing threat, “Diego station, be advised, there are 20 people currently near the fence.”

Despite these warnings, Channel 12 News previously reported that forces stationed at the fence, police, and civilian security forces in the Gaza region had to wait multiple hours for significant IDF reinforcements to arrive.

The late Sergeant Roni Eshel, who was on duty at the Nachal Oz outpost during the attack, also captured the chaos in a recording published earlier this month.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. So sad! These poor girls were left out to dry. I wonder if anyone even confirmed receipt of their frantic messages.

  2. “Why are girls even put through the horrors of war????????”

    Because chareidi men need to protect Am Yisroel by staying in the Bais Medrash, of course.

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