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Gaza Infrastructure Damage Valued At $18.5 Billion In New Report

A new joint report by the World Bank and the United Nations is estimating the cost of damage to Gaza’s critical infrastructure between October and January to be nearly $18.5 billion.

The interim damage report, which utilized remote sensing data, revealed that a staggering 72% of the total cost is attributed to damage to housing in the region. Additionally, the report estimated that a massive 26 million tons of rubble will need to be cleared in order to begin the rebuilding process.

Furthermore, the report stated that an alarming 92% of primary roads in Gaza have been either destroyed or severely damaged, highlighting the immense challenge that lies ahead for those tasked with rebuilding and restoring the region’s infrastructure.

This report serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of recent events on Gaza’s critical infrastructure and the urgent need for support and reconstruction efforts in the region.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

8 Responses

  1. There is absolutely no need for “support and reconstruction efforts” in Gaza. Hamas accurately served the perverted wishes of the Gazans who are now reaping what they sowed.

  2. The life of even 1 hostage is worth infinitely more than $18.5B let alone for lives of all the hostages, so this entire damage is solely & exclusively the fault of hamas & no-one else whomsoever

  3. So this war is expected to cost Israel $50 billion, but will only cost $20 billion to rebuild??? So in the end, this war cost Israel way more it did Gaza. And that’s not even talking about the lives it lost.
    Israel should demand that it get reimbursed for its war costs before an inch of Gaza gets rebuilt.

  4. Can we get a similar report to show how much Hamas spent on building their 500+ mile tunnel infrastructure?
    My heart is not crying for the Gazans.
    Support terror and you eat rubble!

  5. There wasn’t much infrastructure in Gaza to begin with (that might have been a reason behind their decision to launch a sneak attack on Israel – they had little to lose). It will be easy to fix, depending on who ends up in charge.

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