Rebbitzin A”H Dies on Sheraton Beach


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candle772.gifA 65-year-old chareidi woman, a mother of a prominent rav of a Tel Aviv area, sustained a heart attack and died of cardiac arrest on Sheraton Beach in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

According to a report, it was first believed the woman was a drowning victim but emergency medical service personnel quickly realized she was in cardiac arrest as a result of a heart attack, not drowning.

Prolonged resuscitation efforts by paramedics on the scene were unsuccessful and a physician pronounced her dead on the beach.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. smart2
    you hit the spot.
    its an unfortunate event and it shouldnt happen to anyone ,let alone at age of 65.
    whats the name of this rebitzun?
    was a mixed beach, what are you reporting, rechilus and confrontation?
    whats the sinificance of the whole news item?

  2. ras18 and smart2-
    For you’re information, the Sheraton beach is “nifrad”-separate-and many frum yidden from Bnei Brak swim there-just some clarification reguarding you’re “rechilus” comment ras18