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See The Magnitude Of The Nissim: Missile Shrapnel Removed From Yam HaMelech

The incredible nissim that occurred overnight Motzei Shabbos are overwhelming – with the Wall Street Journal saying on Monday morning that the scope of the attack was among the largest seen in modern warfare.

Ynet reported that the impact of the 60 tons of explosives the drones and missiles were carrying could have obliterated two military bases and their contents. At one point, over 100 ballistic missiles were in the air at one time and Israeli and US officials feared the worst but almost all were successfully intercepted despite the fact that the ballistic missiles failed to be detected by radar systems. A small number of ballistic missiles entered Israel and even a smaller number detonated, causing only minor damage to the Netavim air base. Every one of the drones and cruise missiles launched by Iran at Israel were downed on the way, with none even reaching Israeli airspace.

It was the first time in history that a country deflected such a huge attack, Ynet noted, elaborating that as a basis of comparison, Iran’s attack on Saudi oil facilities in 2019 was carried out with only 17 drones and four cruise missiles, none of which were intercepted.

A picture is worth a thousand words – the video below shows the huge size of just one piece of one missile that fell in Yam HaMelech and was removed on Monday.

Part of a missile that fell in Iraq.
Part of a missile that fell in Jordan.

There were incredible nissim even with the missiles that did enter Israeli airspace. One rocket fell in Katzrin in Ramat HaGolan, injuring no one despite the fact that it fell in the heart of a residential neighborhood. See the video below:




(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. As I mentioned before- what we saw over our heads in Yerusholayim motzoey shabbos was NOT Iron dome- where you can see the Tamar interceptors going up from the ground towards an incoming missile. What we saw on M’shabbos were red fireballs coming down to earth and then suddenly breaking apart. I am convinced this was the new laser system zapping incoming missiles-not iron dome.

    These pictures are further proof -as iron Dome completely obliterates an incoming missile and there is nothing left. Here we see the whole missile almost intact- it was zapped by a laser!
    Baruch Hashem- Hashem gave us the laser system in time!

  2. ובכן ויהי בחצי הלילה
    פרץ פרס ידיו ברקיעי עמך,
    אדירי כח רוכב בשמים לעזרך,
    לבל טיפול משערת ראשי עמך לארצך,
    ויהי בחצי הלילה

  3. As the Torah tells us: When Hashem told Avrohom he wants to destroy S’dom and it’s 4 neighbor’s because of their wickedness, Avrohom asked Hashem if He would save them in the merit of the righteous, and Hashem agreed he would. From that we see that the merit of the righteous can save an entire city of Reshaim.

  4. Wreckage of a missile is not shrapnel.
    Shrapnel is the name of little fragments of metal blown outwards by an exploding artillery shell. Pieces of shrapnel are usually between the size of a fingernail and a finger.

  5. Every one of the drones and cruise missiles launched by Iran at Israel were downed on the way, with none even reaching Israeli airspace.
    So what were all those projectiles we saw flying all over Israel?

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