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Israeli Troops Kill Terrorists, Destroy Hamas Sites In Gaza’s Nuseirat Neighborhood

The IDF has announced that it is continuing a pinpoint operation against Hamas and other terror groups in the central Gaza Strip, with a focus on the outskirts of the Nuseirat camp. According to the IDF, troops from the Nachal Infantry Brigade, 401st Armored Brigade, and other forces under the 162nd Division have made significant progress in the operation, killing numerous gunmen, destroying buildings used by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, seizing weapons, and locating rocket launchers.

In addition, Nachal troops are also operating in the Netzarim corridor, a strategic strip of land that runs from the border with Israel near Be’erri to the coast. The corridor, which was built around a road south of Gaza City and north of Nuseirat, allows the IDF to carry out raids in northern and central Gaza while controlling access to the north for Palestinians seeking to return after fleeing south.

The IDF reports that over the past day, troops have killed at least 15 gunmen in the Netzarim corridor alone.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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