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Iran’s Jewish Community “Praises” Drone And Missile Strikes On Israel

In a move that was obviously coerced, Iran’s Jewish community has publicly praised the country’s recent attack on Israel. The message expressed gratitude towards Iran’s armed forces for their role in the aerial bombardment of Israel, but experts say this support comes under duress.

Alireza Nader, an expert on Iran, told the Jerusalem Post that the regime exploits the Jewish minority for propaganda purposes, noting that such expressions of support often come under pressure. “Whenever Iran seeks retribution against Israel, it tends to turn to its Jewish citizens, effectively holding them hostage to its political agenda,” Nader explained.

The statement referenced Iran’s retaliation against Israel following the reported strike that killed Iranian General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and six other regime officials in Damascus on April 1. It commended the Iranian armed forces for their efforts in “punishing the Zionist enemy.”

Despite the outward expressions of support, Iran’s Jewish population faces significant challenges. With only around 9,000 Jews remaining in the country, they are a stark minority in a population of nearly 90 million. Experts classify Iran’s Jews as second-class citizens, subjected to various forms of discrimination.

In 2023, the Iranian government pressured the Jewish community not to celebrate the end of Pesach but instead participate in the annual anti-Israel demonstration known as al-Quds Day.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Very sad. This reminds me of Rabbi Levin, the chief Rabbi of Moscow, when he visited New York during the height of the cold war.

  2. Under crooked Joe’s America, we’re tragically are not too far away from loosing our own freedom of speech.
    Just look at all these insane kangaroo gags against president Donald Trump שליט”א:- All it is, is a suppression of freedom of speech.

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