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HaGaon HaRav Landau Opposes Israeli Attack On Iran Without US Cooperation

UTJ leader Moshe Gafni spoke to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the beginning of the week and expressed his opposition to an attack on Iran without the full cooperation of the US, Kikar H’Shabbat reported on Thursday.

According to the report, Gafni mentioned several precepts about the issue that he heard dozens of years ago from HaGaon HaRav Elazar Menachem Man Shach, z’tl.

Gafni’s conversation with Netanyahu came after the Rosh HaYeshivah of Slabodka, HaGaon HaRav Dov Landau, expressed opposition to a large-scale attack against Iran – which could lead to regional escalation – without the full agreement of the US.

HaRav Landau believes that Israel should cooperate with the US and definitely should not get dragged into another war while the war in Gaza has not yet concluded in addition to the war with Hezbollah in the north.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Rabbonim require the input of experts in the field before they pasken. For example, a medical shayla cannot be paskened based on the “opinion” of the posek, rather, he must get the input of the medical experts and only then can he pasken. The same when it comes to a military shayla, the “daas Torah” is guided by the input provided by the military experts (not the opinions of the politicians like Gafni). The alternative is simply using the godol to rubber stamp the view of the politician, making the Torah into a shovel to dig into the dirt of politics which have no role in matters of pikuach nefesh and security.

  2. Harav Landau should stick to the מלחמות ה׳ of the Ramban and leave the מלחמות צהל to the generals who are knowledgeable about the subject to them.

  3. ידע שור קנהו וחמור אבוס בעליו, ישראל לא ידע עמי לא התבונן: (ישעיהו א:ג)

  4. @Yanky55
    Do you think before you wrote that?
    Actually, even with out thinking you should have not written that!
    who do you think you are to criticize a gadol hador??
    Who are we without dass torah??
    Who are we without אמנות חכמים??
    If he said it he know wat he is talking about!
    and if you disagree then keep it to your self, don’t embarrass yourself in public, and stop making a חילול השם ברבים.

  5. Israeli News reports that that not only is this fake, it didn’t happen, but Rabbi Landau would never opine about military affairs, so it couldn’t have happened. (-Degel Officials)

  6. yanky55. Don’t disparage people bigger than you like Rav Landau and the far seeing advice of the Torah sages. Besides, discussing getting involved in a war with Iran is not something that requires a general’s knowledge. It actually is something to ask a Gadol. You say to ask Israeli generals? They have made many bad decisions in the past about how to deal with the Arabs.

  7. If they would have listened to the Gedolim, they wouldn’t have released 1000 terrorists in the Shalit deal, the current situation would have looked completely different!
    The Simchas Torah attack, may never have happened, and the negotiation for the release of the hostages would have long be resolved.
    If you don’t think our Gedolim are experts in warfare, certainly the selfish Baaley Gaivah politicians can’t be trusted when it comes to our security – why did they not mobilise the army to protect the Gaza border when all signs indicated a major attack was in the making? כחי ועצם ידי!
    Why did they not mobilise the army to protect Sinai and Golan prior to Yom Kippur 1973 when all signs indicated a major attack was in the making? כחי ועצם ידי!
    Who were the military experts who thought you can transport thousands of tanks and troops through a narrow road from the centre down to Sinai within hours, when it took days through the traffic jams, to get the full army to fight off the Egyptians?
    Who invested billions in the קו ברלב in Sinai and again in the supper sophisticated Gaza fence, only to be taken down within minutes?

  8. yanky55 .. see what the chazon ish writes in the sefer “emunah and bitachon” about ppl who try to seperate mee’ley dishmaya and mee’lee di’alma when it comes to heeding the words of those with daas torah

  9. Rebbitzen G and Yanky- See Chinuch mitzvah 495- We have a mitzvah and chiyuv to listen to gedolei Yisroel in ALL they instruct- in EVERYTHING they advise. Chinuch sates “….this is the mighty pillar that the whole Torah rests upon and it is obvious to anyone with any sense at all……”

    Hagaon Rav Landau shlita is fully aware of everything he needs to be before he makes such statements….

    So you are both talking absolute garbage…..

  10. We all remember a few days ago YWN labelled Prime Minister Netanyahu a “coward” for calling off a massive strike on Iran. Now that this very same approach is coming from a Rav of their camp, who doesn’t know much about world politics or military strategies other than what he’s fed by politicians, is it not cowardice anymore.

  11. on october 7 R”L we saw the devestaion brought about military experts who did not see the truth as it was.not to blame any one as per”maishiv chachomim ochor”.certainly a godol has siyata dishmaya and yiras shomayim to avoid decisions based on gava and hubris

  12. If the Rav wants to make political or military decisions, he needs to learn the topic first. If Chareidi leaders want to have credibility with respect to military decisions, they should learn the military from the inside first. With no skin in the game themselves, they have no right to try to make military decisions.

    an Israeli Yid

  13. @anIsraeliYis: “With no skin in the game themselves, they have no right to try to make military decisions.” LISTEN TO WHAT YOU JUST WROTE; WITH NOT SKIN IN THE GAME [OF TORAH] YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT DAAS TORAH!

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