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הודו לו: Residents Of Romema & Kiryat Belz Thank Hashem For The Nissim

Mispallelim at shuls in Romema and Kiryat Belz on Pesach thanked Hashem for the incredible nissim – the ones that took place during Yetziyas Mitzrayim along with the nissim of Erev Pesach 2024, when a potential massacre was averted b’chasdei Hashem.

Three residents were lightly injured in the attack. They were treated at the hospital and released before Yom Tov.

HaRav Isaac Fried of Hidabroot went out in his car an hour before licht bentching with a loudspeaker and requested that residents thank Hashem at their sedarim for the open nissim they experienced.

The gabbai of the Nachlas Akiva shul in Ganei Geulah, next to the site of the attack, said that the residents feel that the neis occurred in the zechus of the Yeshivas Bein HaZemanim at the shul, which this year included morning seder, afternoon seder, and night seder.

Hundreds of lomdei Torah filled the shul from the start of Bein HaZemanim – ותורה מגנא ומצלא.

(YWN’s Jerusalem Desk is keeping you updated on the first day of Chol Hamoed in Israel.)

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  1. The Rov of the neighborhood – HaGaon Reb Yisroel Berger Shlita – spoke before a Mincha before a crowd of thousands at Beis Medrash Nachalas Akiva/Ganei Geulah, and said that he spoke to one of the Gedoli Hador who told him to give over, to say before a mencha ‘Hoidu’ like the Minhag of Chassidim on Erev Shabbos, and to thank Hashem for the open miracles that occurred. After the Drosho, the whole audience together said with great fervor ‘Hoidu’ out of Shvach Vehoida, with extreme emotion and tears flowing down the faces of all gathered.
    Hallel later after Maariv was also said with intense emotions, tangible throughout the Beis Medrash.

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