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PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR: Hamas Releases A Video Of Hostage Nadav Popplewell

The Hamas terror group on Shabbos released a video of hostage Nadav Popplewell, who was abducted from Kibbutz Nirim on October 7th.

The video is the first sign of life from Popplewell, 51, who also holds British citizenship. He is the son of Channah Peri, who was also abducted on October 7th and then released in November.

Peri’s other son, Ro’ee, was murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 7th.

In the brief video, Popplewell, who has diabetes, is seen with a black eye, reading scripted statements. It is unclear when the video was filmed.

(YWN’s Jerusalem desk is keeping you updated after tzeis ha’Shabbos in Israel)

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