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Calls Grow To Fire Gallant After His “Delusional” Support Of Palestinian Control Of Gaza

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s statements excoriating Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening elicited a storm of fierce criticism against him, with many calling for his dismissal.

He was slammed for his call for Palestinian support of the Gaza Strip as well as his public opposition to Netanyahu during a time of war, an unusual move for a member of the party that Netanyahu heads – the Likud. Many Likud members are calling for his dismissal, saying that he “does not represent his constituents.”

Many right-wing ministers called for his dismissal, including Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu (Otzma Yehudit), who said on Thursday: “If Gallant had respect for Israeli democracy, he would vacate his seat. Gallant does not represent the will of the people. ”

Channel 14 journalist Yinon Magal wrote on X: “The soldiers’ protest against Gallant has begun,” and posted three photos that soldiers sent him stating: “Gallant Is Not My Defense Minister!”

Bereaved father Yehoshua Shani,  the father of IDF soldier, Uri Shani, H’yd, who was killed battling Hamas terrorists on October 7th after saving many Jews, said: “Adding to my terrible pain is the feeling that the one in charge of the security establishment does not understand the situation. I remember very well the goals set by the cabinet in the first days of the war, and the defense minister who is supposed to achieve these goals – did not achieve those goals. Yesterday morning, we had rocket sirens in Sderot, we have 100,000 displaced people in the north, and Hezbollah has essentially conquered the Galil. Let him be a man and put down the keys and give this position to someone who is able to face these challenges.”

Shani also slammed Gallant for “making an announcement to the entire world, including Israel’s enemies, that could have been conveyed in Cabinet meetings. It’s such a lack of responsibility. I get the impression that he’s working for Biden and not for the citizens of Israel.”

The Miluimnikim, a right-wing reservist group, is holding a protest calling for Gallant’s dismissal on Thursday at 7 p.m. The group issued a statement saying: “The same Defense Minister who was in charge on October 7th chooses to continue with his deadly conceptzia [worldview] for which we paid with the blood of 1,500 of our brothers.”

“But no more…only those who fought in Gaza, like us, know that the population in Gaza wants the destruction of Israel – and it makes no difference if the enemy is called Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad or ISIS.”

Well-known Arab affairs correspondent Tzvi Yechezkeli said: “Gallant’s call to give the Palestinians control of Gaza is delusional. When I hear these things, I am left with my mouth open. Is it possible that after everything we’ve been through here, the Defense Minister knows something that I don’t know about the Palestinian Authority? It’s so out of touch with reality that I have no idea what to say.”

Maj.-Gen. Yiftach Ron Tal said: “What the Defense Minister did is nothing less than an attack. I’m not even talking about the opinion itself. The one who conducts the war is the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister is supposed to support him. Secondly is the very issue, the issue of the day after – not only will it not be Hamas, it also won’t be the Palestinian Authority. We launched this war because of Hamas! You know what the results of the Palestinian Authority elections will be if they are held? Hamas will win! We should let Hamas in the front door?!”

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi said: “I don’t understand what Gallant wants – he and the IDF Chief of Staff are mistaken. If the IDF isn’t in Gaza, who will be there? The Swiss? People of peace? As soon as there’s no IDF presence, they fire [rockets] at us! What madman thinks that if we return a million Gazans to the northern Gazan Strip, there will be quiet?”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The only people that are delusional are the editors of YWN who believe they understand the security situation in Gaza and the capabilities of the IDF better than the Israeli Defense Minister and IDF Chief of Staff. Perhaps you should focus on honestly reporting the news instead of trying to frame every news story with headlines that betray your deep-seated biases.

  2. @crazykanoiy
    It might be the case that we failed to achieve any objective in Gaza invasion. We freed zero hostages that way. They still send rockets everyday. They might be capable of another Oct7 style attack very soon. Gallant said before they couldnt so why believe him now. Hamas is stronger internationally than before.
    Jewish settlement in Gaza would solve at least two of those problems.

  3. He isn’t saying to leave Hamas in control. He is saying that after removing Hamas, rather than having Israel take over the governance of Gaza, including the cost of repairing war damages and stationing a large Israeli force within Gaza – Israel should arrange for someone else (e.g. a coalition including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United States) to take over governance of Gaza, allow free elections on a regular basis (which may cripple Hamas), and with Israel having a minimal involvement in order to prevent Hamas from rebuilding.

  4. Galant’s diagnosis of the problem is spot-on; it’s his proposed solution that’s debatable. It is not necessarily what I’d think best, but it is not ridiculous – notwithstanding YWN’s expert view of it as “delusional”. What has, unfortunately, been delusional is Netanyahu’s refusal to realistically engage on any plan – it is necessary to plan for something, and if he doesn’t like this plan, then by all means – propose another one. Don’t just say “not Hamas and not the PA” say whom yes, taking into account the reality that no Arab country will want to be seen as Israel’s stooges.

    an Israeli Yid

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