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IDF Intensifies Efforts Against Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Killing 130 Gaza Terrorists [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

In recent weeks, the IDF’s Givati and 401st brigades, under the command of the 162nd Division, have been conducting precise operations against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in specific areas of eastern Rafah.

The Givati Brigade has eliminated over 80 terrorists in the area, while the Tzabar Battalion located large quantities of weapons and significant underground tunnel infrastructure. The 9th Battalion discovered a large number of anti-aircraft guns, and the brigade’s Fire Control Center has been working with ground troops and the Israeli Air Force to target terrorist infrastructure.

The 401st Brigade has intensified its own operations in eastern Rafah, conducting targeted raids on terrorist infrastructure and buildings from which Hamas terrorists fired at IDF troops. They have eliminated around 50 terrorists and located dozens of tunnel shafts, which are being investigated and dismantled. Hundreds of terrorist infrastructure sites have been destroyed, including weapons production facilities and ready-to-use launch sites. Also, in coordination with ground troops, an IAF aircraft struck and eliminated a significant Islamic Jihad terrorist operative.

Meanwhile, in the Jabalya area, IDF troops engaged and eliminated terrorists, dismantled a loaded rocket launcher, and located weapons and explosive devices.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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