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RARE FOOTAGE: Drone Identifies Terrorists, Another Drone Eliminates Them

Rare footage posted on Tuesday that circulated on social media in Israel shows the elimination of a terrorist cell by IDF forces via a drone in the alleys of the Nur Shams refugee camp near Tulkarm.

The incident occurred last month during a counterterrorism operation in the camp, during which IDF and Border Police eliminated 14 terrorists.

In the video, IDF forces are seen deploying an observation drone which identifies four armed terrorists preparing to launch an attack against the Israeli forces. When the terrorists spot the drone, they try to shoot it down.

The IDF forces then launched another drone that dropped explosives on the terrorists, eliminating them in two strikes.


Following the publication of the video, Ynet military correspondent Yoav Zitun wrote: “In one video, you can learn about the entire drone revolution on the battlefield: a tiny drone that scans the alleys and identifies [threats]; a drone that closes from above; a drone that drops precise and deadly weapons; and a drone that was sent to take a glance to ensure they were eliminated.”

“A phenomenon that began mainly with the war in Ukraine and dramatically intensified in Gaza.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Does anyone think that the officer who ordered that drones be used instead of sending in Israeli soldiers to be killed will be fired?

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