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Israel Returns AP Equipment After Backlash From White House Over Confiscation

Israel’s Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi has announced the return of equipment confiscated from The Associated Press (AP) news agency, which was broadcasting a live feed from northern Gaza. The move comes after an outcry from the international community, including the White House.

Karhi initially justified the confiscation, stating, “The Communications Ministry acted today to confiscate equipment that, despite repeated warnings, transmitted to Al Jazeera about the positions of our forces in the northern Gaza Strip while putting them at risk — in accordance with security opinions and the government’s decision.”

However, following mounting pressure, Karhi reversed his decision, saying, “Since the Ministry of Defense wishes to examine the matter of the broadcasts from these locations in Sderot regarding the risk to our forces, I have now ordered a cancellation of the operation and return the equipment to AP, until a different decision is made by the Ministry of Defense.”

The White House had expressed concern over the confiscation, saying it was engaging directly with Israel to request a reversal of the action.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Why don’t we just change the title of Bibi Netanyahu to idk, maybe Vice President? Or more accurately Bidens Puppet. What is this insanity, every step of the way these idiots in the White House get to decide policy in a foreign nation?! Enough already.

  2. UncleMo:
    The Zionist “State” exists at the will of the gentiles. That’s how that idol works. It will never be “independent” and, sooner rather than later, will anyways be consigned to the dustbin of history given the massive rebellion against G-d that Zionism and its idol “State” are.

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