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NAZIS BEING NAZIS: Germany Says It Would Arrest Netanyahu If He Steps In Deutschland

Germany’s government has rebuffed Israel’s appeal to reject the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) arrest warrant against Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant. True to his Nazi past, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit, confirmed that Germany would execute the ICC’s arrest order, stating, “Of course. Yes, we abide by the law.”

Israel’s Ambassador to Berlin, Ron Prosor, had made a dramatic appeal on social media, urging the German government to reject the ICC’s legitimacy. Prosor criticized the ICC’s Chief Prosecutor for equating Israel’s democratic government with Hamas, saying it was “outrageous” and “demonizing and delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish people.”

Germany’s response has sparked controversy, given its Nazi history and previous pledge to ensure Israel’s security. Former Chancellor Angela Merkel had declared that Israel’s security was part of Germany’s national security and interests.

In related news, a German civil servant, Michael Blume, tasked with fighting antisemitism, has been accused of blaming Israel for Hamas’s October 7 mass murder and sympathizing with the ICC case against Israel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This is so troubling. The Jews living in Germany need to leave now. Otherwise, history could repeat itself.

  2. We really need to get better arguments than screaming “Nazis!” “Antisemitism!” at everything we don’t like. I hate this decision by Shulz, but it’s not coming from Naziism, and Shulz is not a Nazi.

  3. Israel should have ignored the ICC from the get go…

    All Israel has to do is threaten any German government agent will be arrested if he steps foot in Israel

    Stop acting like wimps

  4. y2r, exactly. That’s the problem, they cry over things like instead of ignoring it and it gives the Jew haters tremendous power.

  5. This is the most anti-Torah headline I have ever seen on YWN. You are being misgareh baUmos – very wrongly too – slandering these gentiles as “Nazis” all because “Germany’s government has rebuffed Israel’s appeal to reject the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) arrest warrant against [Israeli] Prime Minister Netanyahu and [Israeli] Defense Minister Gallant.”

    Grow up, and stop inciting the gentiles against Jews. The Zionists are the biggest haters of Jews. Your condemnation of gentiles for a legal step against these wicked Zionists is so backwards that one wonders if Hashem could possibly delay sending Mashiach any longer given the total inversion of emes and sheker that you display here.

  6. “Israel’s Ambassador to Berlin, Ron Prosor…criticized the ICC’s Chief Prosecutor for equating Israel’s democratic government with Hamas, saying it was “outrageous” and “demonizing and delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish people.”” What a Zionist propagandist. No, this has zero to do with the Jewish people. This is all about the Zionist imposter “State” and its leaders. The Jewish people are just as legitimate as always, and will be forever.

  7. Steffen Hebestreit, confirmed that Germany would execute the ICC’s arrest order, stating, “Of course. Yes, we abide by the law.”

    Wasn’t that how the nazi’s defended their actions during the holocaust saying that “they were just following orders!!!!”

  8. 147,
    Are you sure? The only way my family was able to come to America was by leaving Hungary & “setting foot in accursed Germany” in 1947.

  9. Not sure why this makes them Nazis! Is Germany bound by the ICC? If yes, then it’s really simple. Even if not; they still can say they are following the law, as ridiculous as this ICC sham is. We can’t get so carried away calling them Nazis because they don’t agree on this. Germany has actually been very supportive of the war and has stood behind Israel, perhaps more than our backstabbing President Bidens administration.

  10. Speaking of Nazis being Nazis, Bibi can be tried for clear 2021+ violations of Nuremberg (Germany) Law & The Declaration of Helsinki.
    Funny how they now seem to care about certain newer agreed-upon “International Laws” (whatever that really means) and not others.

  11. What a disgusting article. Last I checked, Germany was an ally. Then they say they would resignedly abide by the law, and you call them Nazis. Go to hell, YWN. What a sick lack of understanding that we are in golus. Fools.

  12. 1) The Germans could have protested the ruling like the US. The leopard doesn’t change its spots!
    2) This has nothing to do with Zionists alone. Don’t you see its the Jewish people under threat of their lives in Eretz Yisroel and world wide! Take off your blinkers and see the reality!!@

  13. Yet again the Zionists and their statehood are engulfing the flames of antisemitism worldwide . . . !!!
    Isn’t it about time that even a the blind-folded in darkness sees this entire entity as THE modern Shoah and catastrophe for Jews all around the world, E Y included . . . ??

  14. It’s a mitzvah to be misgareh baUmos. Every time we pass a church and don’t enter to pray, they grind their teeth, but we are proud. Every time we pray with a mechitzah between men and women they grind their teeth, but we are proud. When we tied the Egyptian god to our bedpost, and then slaughtered it and sprayed their god’s blood on our doorposts, the Egyptians grinded their teeth, but we are proud.

  15. Germany’s comment “we abide by the law” reminds me of the Nazis’ earlier statements :”just following orders.”

  16. CHEZKY, Hakatan is more Jewish than any of you! He gets the real Jew thing while you are all blind sheep, slaughtered by Zionism.

  17. chezky:

    My grandfather taught me that if you want to douse a fire, don’t add fuel to it… 🙂

    Don’t answer “these” idiot anti Zionist. I’m also anti but not to this level of ignorance and arrogance – holding the Shira but as a concept that needs adaptation to modern day Israel.

    Ignore them and it will die down. No use answering

  18. Yossi Name Edited: How dare you say ימ”ש on a Jew who is doing his best, with his hands tied behind his back, to lead the fight against our enemies!
    Whats your grudge against him?

  19. Yossi Name Edited:
    In our Mesorah, we didn’t call another yid ym”sh. I think you need to look into your Yiras Shumaim desperatly.

  20. To justasec & ccb45 – apparently you get your “mesorah” or lack thereof from Dati – Leumi “rabbis” who preach ahavas yisroel but really mean mean ahavas Zionism.

    Mori V’Rebbi. the Satmar Rav זצוקללה”ה and his devote chassidim, would routinely add the epithet of “yemach shemo” to various figures who they considered to have capitulated to the Zionist reshaim, INCLUDING OTHER GEDOLIM!!

    Now while you’re free to disagree with the Satmar Rav (at the risk of your own Olam Haba), you cannot consider his actions to be against the mesorah וק”ל.

  21. Like others here, when saying “True to his Nazi past, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit”, think about what the world thinks of you for writing such a thing (not going into the veracity just what the goyim think).
    They will 100% just say oh them again, the childish immature attention seekers and wannabees.
    It won’t work, just as these Germs (mind the pun) were never huge ohavei Yisrael because they stood up for israel, so too, they do not overnight become the biggest nazi, because they oppose israel.

    The following links don’t really make sense in regards to Germany being nazi reminiscent, in light of the word nazi being measured by the ruler of zionism, so either is a lie (and i suspect it is them being pro “Jewish” because they displayed some warmth to zionism):

  22. Yossi Name Edited:
    I don’t believe that the satmar rov used that term on a yid. He said huarrurim (the cursed).

    Also, you take the “Satmar iber alts” , like the Germans said starting 1923 – about themselves “Deutshland iber alts”.

    You have the gall to think that everyone must follow Satmar? Chutzpah you have is worse that Israeli Zionist chutzpah.

    The “yehadus hachreidus” never did and doesn’t now and never will be exclusively “owned” by satmar. See the get of kliva how the holy Noda beyehudah rants that nobody has a beis din to force the world to adhere to; including Frankfort beis din. See the history.

    The Bobov rebbe z”l and many others – despite being very anti Zionist, NEVER used such language about a yid. We had brmosorah to also say yms”h for shabsai tzvi yms”h; not others. Mendelsohn, the Bobover would say shemos reshoim yirkav and even that wasn’t used liberally for every meshumid.

    Sorry that you accuse us as liberal Zionists. I must say that many gedolim (I don’t have to say whom), disagreed with the Shita on many fronts – true, many basic ideas were accepted but not all of it. There were tzaddikim that didn’t hold the Shira at all.

    It’s not satmar ibur alts and get over it once and for all.

    You know the difference between Samar and chabad – the world says – in Samar, everyone is a sheigits and in Chabad, everyone is a Tzaddik. Well, which one would people here pick? I take option two…

    Listen to krasna Rov explain how reb velvel of zbarizs calked everyone a tzaddik. You’re holier than though has crossed my red line. I have no problem telling the holy Samar Rov exactly what I’m telling you and he’s agree with me 100%. Get a life…

  23. @ccb45,

    You may have certain points there, BUT, don’t forget Rav Naftuli from Bobov ztz”l….

    Besides, there is nothing incoherently wrong with what yossi name edited said.

    It is very much acceptable and you don’t need to be a wacky Satmere or NK to say tm”sh on bibi (ym”sh).

    The Satmar rav said that title on people who some would consider much holier than the b. n. who openly states and is proud of being a devout student of Vladimir Jabotinsky ym”sh, who (if you’ve read his books, not that i recommend it, it is full of kefira from beggining to end, and I might have done something wrong by doing that) writes such wording about religious Jews, our Chachamim, amongst so much else.

    Maybe you want to listen a bit to the Satmer Rav’s seuda shelishit drashot, or read some of his kuntres divrei kodesh.

    Besides, many talmidim (who actually remember well the Satmar Rav and weren’t simply alive at the time) will tell you, that the language in Satmar at the time in using the words like ym”sh was in similar line to good morning.

    I am not saying it was right or wrong, but that was the language at the time, and the Satmar Rav was perfectly comfortable with it. Many times he’d smile when he heard someone speaking like that (yes there were times when he told people off), and many times he himself said so.

    b. n. is no yid, and has no din of one so the drasha of the Krasna Rav ztz”l is irrelevant to the point yossi made.

    If you ask me what the mekor is for what i said above, there are many proofs.

    1) Rav Sa’adyah Gaon wrote that the only thing defining a Jew is the Torah. Nothing else is describing of such.

    2) look into the Ramabam where he talks about the 13 ani ma’amins.
    There, he says, that so long as a person believes in all the 13 ani ma’amins, even if he was over on the worst averot, he has a way back, and should be helped etc.
    But, once that person touches (i.e. breaks free from) belief in even one of them, “mitzvah lesono u’leabdo” – it is a mitzva to both hate him and destroy him.

    3) Open the Chafetz Chayim’s sefer on what a jew is(i think it is nidchei yisrael but I might be mistaken i don’t have it in front of me), which he wrote for his times, when winds were blowing from all sides, trying to blur and change what the definition of what a Jew was.
    He writes more than once, that only he who follows and keeps the Torah is a Jew.

  24. pure yiddishkeit says:

    I hear you but I’ve seen the avodah of my rebbes, including of R’Naftali and this mehalech. I’ve never seen. So I’m entitled to respond the way I did. Saying that Yossi is right when he smears me with: “ apparently you get your “mesorah” or lack thereof from Dati – Leumi “rabbis” ”, is totally not fair and I’m personally hurt by this as you know that I’m not Zionist and follow the derech of Bobov.

    Anyway, regarding how you look at yidden:
    The chafetz chaim you mention, you talk about the different winds – well – today (you’ll agree), that there are nebech even different winds. Without saying a name, I know of a rebbe that three his kid out and supported a no custody for his own child. I’m not c”v bring Dan anyone but I definitely don’t see how that made anything better; farkert.

    I sure hope that you don’t have these cookie cutter mehalech on yidden that left the path – reserving your “ mitzvah lesono u’leabdo” – towards zionists only and even there, not for tinok shenishbu.

    It’s appropriate to listen to the story from the Bobov Rov about “der deitch raichert”; his answer to the holy satmar rav when asked why he allows a chazan to daven by the amud if he shaves; and many others.

    It’s not kedai or right to expound on the stories above but it shows attitudes where MOST Galician; polish; Russian gedolim amongst others, took when dealing where derelicts in their midst and with nidchei yisroel. Samar rov had his shita – not only with the zionists – which many gedolim – while highly respecting the DY – disagreed. I wouldn’t feel comfortable asserting that because my rebbe believes in something, everyone else needs to follow.

    You should maybe think this through and understand that not everyone is satmar. That comment from yossi that you claim is ok, is a satmar kanois answer to a shomer torah imitzvot which is the huge satmar problem. Don’t you think it was inappropriate to answer this way?

    I do hope btw, that you and others don’t follow the kanois method when raising their children…

  25. I understand and basically agree with everything you said up until the paragraph “It’s not kedai or right…”

    It is an old sheker that the Satmar Rav had “his” “shita”.
    As the gedolim of the Aguda themselves said, Rav Grazovsky zt”l, the Steipler, Rav Shach and all the others, that the only difference between the Satmar Rav and them was voting or not.
    People many times incorrectly think that the Satmar Rav was the most extreme. Nada. The Munkatcher Rav ztzk”l was much sharper than the Satmar Rav, in fact they had disagreements on how to deal with certain aspects.
    The Satmar Rav himself, who was a talmid of Reb Yissachar Dov Belzerztk”ll, the Belzer Rav at the time, once said (chidushei Torah parshat Naso – think), that he only gave over the tip of the iceberg on the way that his rebbe (the belzer rav) spoke about zionism. he added there, “if I’d say more from what my rebbe said, they’d run after me with stones in Williamsburg!”

    It will take too long to write down all the names of recent gedolim and their stance.

    The main point I was making was two things:
    1) what is a Jew (which I assume you’d agree to, being that it is what the Torah says, not some satmar sefer/book).
    And 2), that resulting from 1), to curse a someone that does not fit into the category of a Jew, not stopping at that but actively engaging in Hashem and chareidi bashing ch”v, than yes I wouldn’t blink an eye before saying that the holy Rebbe’s of bais Bobov would come out and say the same.
    You are right in saying that this is not the din regarding tinok shenishba, and anyone can see that was my point.

    Must say, you bought out your point very clear and level headed not like others here unfortunately….

  26. It has nothing to do with Galician etc etc (remember the Satnmar Rav took his hashkafa from the Belzer Rav).

    I am not one to say that Satmar is the defining ruler of the chareidi world.

    But the fact is, that today, anti-zionism is associated with Satmar, and someone who is not anti-zionism (however you want to describe it), is obviously not Chareidi.
    Anti-zionism in itself was/is not a “Satmar” ideology.

    It was/is the method in how to deal with modern zionism that was the fork in the path were different Kehilot took different paths.

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