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BARBARIC: Israeli Police Brutally Assault Visitors To Meron On Lag BaOmer [SHOCKING VIDEOS]

Police in Meron have been filmed brutally attacking and beating unarmed civilians whose sole crime was being at the kever of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai on Lag BaOmer.

Meron is a closed military zone, with the site shut over fears of an aerial attack by Hezbollah, but the behavior of the police officers enforcing the rules are shocking and disturbing – as can be seen below.

Not to worry, no police officer is ever held accountable for excessive force on charieidm.

68 Responses

  1. Whereas one cannot condone the behaviour of the police, Meron was declared a closed area under military rules which means that no one at all has authority to enter the area. It is a terrible time that we live in being at war with Hamas and Hizbollah. Why are there certain elements that feel that these rules do not apply to them particularly in view of the number of Rabbonim who have also ruled that no one should travel to Meron this year?
    i.y.h next year things will be different

  2. Are you out of your minds… it was forbidden to be there… the police wasted their time and energy… they should of shot the trespassers

  3. By being at kever Rashbi at a time it was reasonable for the area to be declared unsafe, these ‘chassidim’ should know they would incite the police, who are mostly not zoche to having any special feeling for this yom tov, to become maizidim, so the achraios falls mostly on them.

  4. Absolutely disgusting. From Hilula to ChilulHashem.
    Not sure what type of perimeter was set to bar entry, but they clearly failed. Police enforcement has no good reputation at that site, from causing the choke point death trampling to now this.

  5. Torah observant Jews should condemn police brutality.

    But we should also condemn certain Hareidim who seem to believe they are exempted from the laws and rules of civilized societies.

  6. Please dont call out the police for brutality! Northern Israel residents have been internally displaced for months because of sakana. This violence was totally uncalled for and was clearly antagonistic. The police are still reeling from the Miron tragedy 3 years ago. Rachmana Litzlan, one stray missile in the direction of Miron could have triggered a stampede tragedy. What dont these people understand?

  7. Reply AMJC: I doubt you are Mirza Yisroel Since we are Racmonim Bnei Rachmnoim even a Sanhedrin that ordered a death sentenced once in seventy years were vilified by Chazal

    However the People Defying the order not to attended were doing a Mitzva Habu Bevirah Vnishmarten al Nafshoisechem Moed

  8. The video opens with one guy kicking a police officer and several others attempting to knock over a security fence. These aren’t peaceful protesters and were dealt with accordingly.

  9. No one is sympathetic to these people. I don’t know what religion these guys practice, but certainly not yiddeshkeit. There is ZERO excuse to be in Meron.. even if they have no reason to close it l, and they do, yidden are obligated to follow the laws of the land they live in unless they’re forced to violate the Torah. Meron on lag baomer is not Torah

  10. These people are not charedim. They went against the Torah and gedolim and caused a chilul hashem. Let’s not group them with the vast majority of real chareidim who did the right thing and celebrate from afar. As for the police, the Arabs are known to plan attacks around jewish holidays, they were doing their job and were put in harms way by these fakers.

  11. @AMJC are you out of your mind bro!
    Shoot another brother? Are you part of the Israeli police/Hamas group?
    Your head is full zionist/Hamas stupidity. Since when does a brother beat another brother like this?
    For the past 48 hours not a single siren of any rockets, the place is protected by Reb Shimon not by the brutal and careless Israeli murders… All I know the last time miron was officially protected by those scumbags we lost 45 pressures holy life’s R”l!!!
    Stop this non sense! This is all pure Chasidim hate!
    On such a holy day of lag baomer we should see love and peace, but instead we see hate. Nebech on you and all of you replied this nonsense, nebech on the police that think they do the right thing, hashem sees everything and no one will be left out of hashems justice….

  12. I just love it when people display their ignorance for all to see.

    @lastword, you might be quite unfamiliar with the kehilot in Eretz Yisrael, but many of those Chareidim who were zoche to go where prushim, sefaradim and litvish, but nice try.

    Maybe you have the supernatural abilities to create them…
    But I am sure that you’ll manage to dredge out something, that was nothing more than an innocent person defending themselves against the brutality of the nazionists, and you’ll try and turn it into something else altogether.
    So lets plan it from now!

    After you find it, we need to make it to look like these are hamas undercovers, and they went to dig tunnels in Meron, sabotage the roads, and take the police hostage…
    But you know what, if lies are going to be lapped up, we don’t need to make believe, as the zionists live in make believe land anyway, and will believe any garbage you sell them so long as it puts chareidim in a bad light….

  13. They shouldn’t have been there. It is closed for a valid, sensible reason.

    We must come together as a people to disavow the behaviors of completely irrational people who cannot follow reasonable safety rules.

    Frankly, we need to be taking a fresh look at the practices around this “holiday”.

  14. Yes, “Barbaric” is a perfect word for how some Israeli police sometimes behave. Having said that, the prefect word for those attempting to enter Meron today would be “stupid”. And BTW, lastword: these are not all neccessarily Chasidim, many of them are likely Litvishe Yerushalmis who to the uninformed look like what people stereotype as Chassidim. One thing is for sure, there actions in this case at least, are not representative of what Chassidus, or for that matter Yiddishkeit in general, is about.

  15. These crazies brutally attacked the police. Maybe, though, they should have let them go and chance getting missiles down their throats.

  16. so when the police step back and don’t do anything and tragedy results as we saw in the deaths from the overcrowding not too long ago , it’s ״shame on the police for not doing more enforcing”. now that they enforce a closed military zone — where in other countries people are shot for trespassing— “oh the police are too enforcing”

    so which one is it. i wouldn’t be surprised if these same jews who apparently don’t the halacha of dina demalchusa dina are none other than the same neturei karta parasites who curse the medina yet in the same breath live under their coverage and shelter receiving health insurance, services, etc

  17. i’m certain if they would have acquiesced to being arrested, force would not have escalated

    a police officer may use all that force necessary to enforce an arrest. i’d like to see any of you naysayers try to put cuffs on someone who doesn’t want cuffs

  18. 1. YWN, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding us of just how very repulsive, evil, and sadistic the Zionist dogs are. It is important to constantly remind your readers, so that we can fulfill the mitzvah to hate ma’asei resha’im b’hiddur. Aggravating them is a mitzvah, as it says clearly in the passuk (brought as halacha lema’aseh in the poskim, down to the Sefer Chofetz Chaim, with regard to apikorsim, meisisim, u’meidichim): U’viskomemecha ESKOTAT.

    2. The people who went were clearly oiver on several issurim d’oraysa, among them: the issur of putting oneself in sakana by crossing the line from aggravating the apikorsim to inciting-to-murder and the issur of chillul Hashem by going somewhere that the hamon am considered (presumably correctly, by-the-way) to be a sakana… which made frum people look moronic, and more.

  19. Meron should not be closed military zone. Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions. The police should not be involved even when there’s overcrowding- every person has the responsibility for their own and their family’s safety and if an individual disregards that then they pay the consequences for that. There should be a sign outside the kever that people are entering at their own risk during wartime or during heavy crowds and help will not come from the police in case of emergency. The government cannot control people’s lives to this extent.

  20. This reminds me of the story of the women that left her sleeping baby to go heara special once in a lifetime kol Nidre by Rav Yisrael Salanter only to find he did not come because he was in her house rocking her crying baby to sleep. This is not a mitzvah it is an avera. This is the product of frumkeit with out daas.

  21. עכשיו אני מבין לגמרי את הזוועות של ה-7 באוקטובר כל שוטר או חייל שהרים את ידו נגד יהודי אחר ינוטרל ויחוסל מכלל ישראל. השם ינקה כל אזרח באמת שהרים יד נגד יהודי דתי או הפגין שנאה כלשהי כלפי יהודים דתיים כולם יחוסלו וינוקו לפני שהמשיח יבוא הם לא חלק מכלל ישראל.

  22. Now I understand the horrors of October 7th, any policeman or soldier who raised his hand against another Jew will be neutralized and eliminated from kllal Israel. Any Israeli citizen who raised a hand against a religious Jew or showed hatred towards religious Jews will be cleansed. They will all be eliminated and cleansed before the Messiah comes. They are not part of kllal Israel.

  23. Before watching this video, I was fuming thinking what’s the problem of these people to come to Meron this year during such a terrible war. However, after watching it, I’m beyond understanding. There is NOTHING to excuse such vicious behavior by the police. The guy’s on the ground, why the need for 5+ animals to keep pummeling him?! Why?! I’m sorry but there’s no excuse. These officers should be put on trial. I know that doesn’t happen in Israel. So instead, they should be sent to Gaza. Go beat the ones who deserve it. Go fight a fair fight, don’t mercilessly beat unarmed guys in bekeshes!
    It is horribly wrong for these idiots to be coming to Meron today but nothing excuses such behavior. A professional police force should be able to stop them well before getting into the tzion and with less violent means.

  24. Lets not kid ourselves, they didnt close Meron for military purposes, but rather they are trying to Make Meron into a landmark like they did with other places. Shame on them for starting up with R Shimon. And frankly, they should be terrified of doing what they are doing

  25. It looks like this guy got what he was asking for. The police did him a favor. I strongly recommend changing the opening title of the news story. Unless of course ywn is looking to create a chareidi equivalent of George Floyd and start a “Black hat lives matter” movement

  26. Ywn posted videos of close to 30 other locations of people celebrating lag baomer and not a single one of them has police beating up the celebrants. It does not take a genius to figure what was different with this gathering

  27. If they really are so inclined to put themselves in such a dangerous situation despite all the warnings, then I believe they are certainly prime candidates who would do well fighting in Rafah and the IDF should immediately move to draft such brave souls indeed to help with the war effort.

  28. When you go looking for trouble you are likely to find yourself in it. When you go looking for a fight you are likely to get beaten up. When you show up somewhere after repeated police warnings not to, it rarely ends well for you. And you are not a victim of whatever happens

  29. Should they have instead been provided with cake and Kugel???
    I just stayed away and no cop bothered me….

  30. there are other videos that are not included where they kicked women and pushed an elderly man.. this video that is in the article is not as bad.. Not all police are like that but they sent in those that are clearly not jews.. because I cant believe a jew can act like that.

  31. Why can’t they follow simple instructions?!?!
    If they think they’re so smart how about they go fight the war in Gaza instead of having other people risk their lives!!!
    I think each one of them should be pepper sparred and tased until they understand that they are not supposed to be there

  32. Wow! I wonder of the blood thirsty commentators here would be okay with NYC cops doing this to black people in NYC or is it only charaidim’s lives cheap? After all, they broke the law. I’m sure you would agree that if you drive 70 mph in a 65 mph zone the cop should drag you out of your car by your hair and stomp on your head. Only then should he write your ticket. After all, you did break the law!

  33. Its absolutely and positively horrifying to see the cruel and malicious COMMENTS against the police. Does anyone think the police wanted to be there in a volatile and potentially dangerous situation, both due to Hizbollah and those who were determined to come at all costs despite the closure? The ugliness of the ill-will and curses is mind boggling! And YWN should exercise more censirship moderating unacceptable comments.

  34. Yeah the tziyoinim are savages we all know this. They are animals. Yeah the ppl were wrong for going when it’s closed off but still this is excessive violence and should be reprimanded. Israel now is corrupt as anything, the current government will never prosecute a cop for excessive violence, except if it’s done against Arabs maybe

  35. Circle
    You are 100%! Too many jew haters commentating on ywn. There is no excuse for this police violence. Ben Givir needs to take full responsibility and resign. There is no way he can say he didn’t expect this. Police are trained how to act even in the most violent protests, with tens of thousands of people, which this was not. Imagine the police in US beating up the pro – arab protesters like this! Let Ben gvir imagine himself and others like him who go to the Temple Mount getting beaten up by frum soldiers because its asur to go on the Temple Mount! Running a red light is much worse than going today to meron. Lets see you commentators who are sticking up for the police, get beaten up for your sins! enjoy

  36. Has Ben Gvir come to visit like he does other crime scenes? The police have committed terible crimes. He should be on scene investigating.

  37. as usual philosopher is on the ball.

    95% of the other comments were just overdoing each other’s stupidities, on both sides of the spectrum.

    Key takeaways:
    1. it’s dangerous. These guys are idiots! Venishmartem meod!

    It Could be that it’s dangerous. i don’t know [neither do you.] what in the world does that have to do with this barbarism?
    And AMJC wins the prize for the absolute dumbest comment of the millennium. These guys were risking their lives….so why didn’t the police end their lives?

    2. They KNEW they were instigating the police. The KNEW the police would respond with violence.

    Uh, okay. And that condones their violence?

  38. Think how many lives would have been saved if these police officers and the army would have been sent to save Jews, and others, on October 7th.
    But Israelis were being murdered for 8 hours with close to zero response from the police and the army.
    And the barbarians weren’t supposed to be there!
    Wake up from your Stockholm syndrome.

  39. I’m pleased to see the vast majority of comments criticizing those who attended Meron. Such a meaningful day could be spent productively but instead they spent it defying orders and fighting like little children who don’t want to go to bed. Those who engaged in this behavior got zero out of being at Meron and may as well have stayed home sleeping.

  40. As Rav Elchonon Wasserman HY”D noted, some people mistakenly thought that the Zionist invasion of then-Palestine would be some sort of aschalta diGeula when, in fact, he said, it was the start of the worst galus of all, the galus of the Zionists. Only the Russians who suffered from the Yevsektzia there could understand then what galus under the Zionists would mean. But anyone not fooled by the Zionist idol can see it very clearly by now.

  41. I agree that the police overreacted, but the socalled charedim who came against the law and against common sense, have made chillul hashem. They deserved punishment but not through the police. They all deserved to be arrested and heavily fined, even to the point of impoverishment.

  42. Meron does not belong to them is belong to us who follow the guidance of rabbi shimon
    If the place isn’t safe then they shouldn’t be there it’s our freedom not theirs

  43. To all the stupid comments here saying they got what they deserved, they should never have been there, they asked for it…..
    So for starters they should not have been there and had the animal cops simply arrested them they would not have garnered much sympathy….
    But much to your dismay there is law that the cops need to follow too and they broke it and being that they are the so called enforcers of the law they need to keep the law even better then citizens.

    Had they kept the law no one would say boo, but similarly if a child is making trouble in class and he’s been repeatedly told to stop and then the teacher who should have sent him home or taken away his recess begins to slap him no one would say he got what he deserved and better yet everyone would trounce on the teacher, no one would be worrrying anymore about the kids behavior and entirely focus on the teacher and the reason is simple because what the teacher did is far worse then the kid ever dreamed of doing.
    So everyone stop with their stupidity and nonsense how they got what they deserved because if you talk like that you are a true hater and should do some real soul searching…. To be able to watch such disturbing footage and say that is just as barbaric.
    The police should be held accountable to the highest degree of the law

  44. Rioters get beaten up all the time by police and no one here makes a big deal about it except when it’s one of us. No one here cared when it was the leftist protestors in Tel Aviv, or the Ethiopians or, lehavdil, the Arabs that are treated this way. (Yes, the police in Israel act as if they are still under the Ottoman Empire and must be reformed, my point still stands.)

    And 41 police officers were injured too. I didn’t see YWN report that. I feel bad for them much more – regular folks who were forced to be in a dangerous situation right next to Hizbollah because the kenoim cannot stop themselves from doing retarded things.

  45. I agree with most opinions that no one should’ve been there in the first place. however not sure why Jews need to be rude to each other about their opinions.

  46. my opinion is that the government should bug out and not control people
    as long its not putting others in danger

    covid the Israeli police were very brutal
    its a way to have control on people
    that’s not what i expect from a free country
    Israel in my opinion is not a free country for many reasons
    the court is not public elected and they have the last word on everything

  47. my opinion is that the government should bug out and not control people as long its not putting others in danger – you’re entitled to your silly libertarian opinions but the vast majority of society rejects such ideas.
    the court is not public elected and they have the last word on everything – trust me, you don’t want to live in a country where this is not the case.

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